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    What??? Fixed, hah in place of where i put what. ;] The other red lines i don't get, what you don't understand.
  2. RafixNFD


    Sorry for my language mistakes, it's not my first language. But i'm trying to be better every day. :) I wrote such a big intro because i wanted that people understand where this is going. And people that are upset about my post, all i can say is sorry again. It's was my first attempt at minecraft hack's mod's.
  3. RafixNFD


    Not a mod. A texture pack... Storm has already put one up in the releases section. Thanks, but I'm not using it. /agree This texture pack is very similar to the one Storm made. This is my attempt at xRay texture for Diamond finding and Griefing. :) Where can i see storm's xray texture pack?
  4. RafixNFD


    I don't really know either, i was thinking about that. But finally i made up my mind scientific way by doing iniminimainimo. ^__^
  5. RafixNFD


    ************************************************************** **DiamondGrief_xRay****Made by: RafixNFD** ************************************************************** Hi: For all diamond seekers and griefers. You have a grate chance to have my xRay pack to help you. Really easy to find diamonds. Really easy to find where you can grief or stuff to grief with. Find: With this xRay pack it will be easy to find diamonds. As we know diamonds are the best in minecraft. Why people are talking Gold vs Diamonds? Gold is good for nothing. Diamonds are better. When you are underground, just look for diamond block's. If your noob and can't find them, here is a tip: look for lava. Grief: With this xRay pack it will be easy to grief other player chests, home if it's not protected. Plus you can find lava very fast to grief with it protected areas. :) If you don't know how. No, i will not give a tip about that because if your a griefer, you know what i'm tallking about. Bonus, server can't spot you using xRay, because you'r not using xRay program but an texture pack. But if you will straight dig to diamond while admin's are watching it's your problem. ^_^ Other: You can find very easy other player underground cave, farm, base and grief it. And you can find dungeons, mob's, feel safer digging down and blah, blah unneeded bull s*i*. Installation: Drag the ''DiamondGrief_xRay.zip'' file in the ''texturepacks'' folder of your ''.minecraft'' folder, what you can find in ''Application Data'' folder, which you can open by puting in ''%appdata%'' text and pressing ok in ''run'', which you can find in menu what comes out by clicking on ''Start'' on your taskabar or keyboard. Phew that was long explaining. ^_^ To check for updates: Go to my youtube channel ''RafixNFD'' and watch latest video's. #Please comment, subscribe and make me an sendwich. #No really, make me an sendwich! ********************************************************* **Other product's****Made by: RafixNFD** ********************************************************* Other product's that i make you can find in www.monsterboxsoft.ucoz.com If you see this, good for you and thank you for downloading, goodbye...^_^ Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TB7GJYWD Video: