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  1. Boxhead

    Bypassing Minecraft Bans

    *facepalm* Why did I not Google it first? Well, I'm half asleep so I guess that's why.
  2. Boxhead

    Bypassing Minecraft Bans

    I want to know how I could bypass bans and get back into a server I was banned on. I saw one of aVo's guys do it in one of the Reddit episodes (in the early ones, maybe it was Ep. 5 or 8.) I was wondering if a VPN would be able to get me back into a server, and if not, how would I go about doing it? Thanks for the help.
  3. Boxhead

    Your favorite Minecraft item?

    Furnaces, makes any creation look like shit...Used it on c.nerd.nu and I had the biggest trollface ever.
  4. Boxhead

    I am Boxhead

    Will do. Collateral damage at its finest. Btw, you give me a date and time I'll be there, it's just that I don't have a mic as of now. So maybe you can contact me via Steam chat in-game if I don't get a mic by that time. Happy trolling!
  5. Boxhead

    I am Boxhead

    I don't have a mic, sorry. I used to have one, but then I lost the bit to use it in my laptop (I have an Xbox mic, I need a special piece of hardware to use it.) Let me tell you this now, griefing in RP servers is fucking hard. Admins can see logs of your kills or spawning of props, or even text conversations. You need to do hit and run grief attacks unless you have some good hacks to hide your name. I'd stick to build servers or do your work with no admins or mods on.
  6. Boxhead

    I am Boxhead

    Hey, I saw AVO's videos and decided that I can do pretty decent in this griefing thing, too. I don't own Minecraft, but I own Garry's Mod so I can grief on Gmod. I'm actually a pretty good griefer (already crashed a build server by spamming props and made many players mad, along with using turrets to kill them all.) I'll learn to use Source Recorder and get some videos up soon enough. Peace out bros! P.S - I can also use some tips on how to grief players more effectively on gmod. Mostly I want to grief more on RP servers and TTT servers, since build is so fucking easy to grief.