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  1. Puddleduck

    Introduction (sixfivejay)

    Welcome to the forums newfriend, join discord.
  2. Puddleduck

    Hello World

  3. Puddleduck

    Discord Server.

  4. Puddleduck


    Hi. We're pretty much dead.
  5. Puddleduck


    That's definitely something a stable genius would say.
  6. Puddleduck

    Heyo everyone!

    Welcome to the forum newfriend, you'll fit right in.
  7. Puddleduck

    yeah ive been in it

    Are you okay?
  8. Puddleduck

    say something nice about the person above you's avatar

    The seating looks comfortable.
  9. Puddleduck

    What if I am not real or none of you are real or

    shit you're on to me
  10. Puddleduck

    hi im new

    Flawless entry, welcome to the forums!
  11. Puddleduck

    Hello, I am new to these forums.

    Hi new guy.
  12. Puddleduck

    Does it?

    Wow I didn't know my cancer diagnosis would worsen so quickly... I guess exposure to pure, unadulterated carcinogens such as you weebs can't help.
  13. Puddleduck

    Team AVO Returned Hyped.

    You'll be waiting a while.
  14. Puddleduck

    What's up Bitches

    Hello new person.