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  1. pugsy

    Weird as fuck ad

    I saw this on pastebin as an ad, has science gone too far? WHAT WILL BECOME OF US IF CAKE VAGINAES NOW EXIST
  2. pugsy

    Ban the User Above You

    B& for calling him a whofag when it was done 2-3 pages ago
  3. pugsy

    Amanda Todd Opinions

  4. They're focusing way too much on the survival aspect.
  5. pugsy

    Amanda Todd Opinions

    She posted her tits on the internet out of her own free will. So anything that happened because of that would subsequently be her own fault. So anyone saying she didn't deserve what happened to her is a lying whore or has some sort of mental disability.
  6. pugsy

    Since it is close to Halloween

    Fuck all of your shitty costumes I did science to make mine.
  7. pugsy

    Religion, what is yours?

    What is your religion? None Why do you choose it? Because the world is not moving inexorably towards some high and mighty being Are you judged because of it? I would be if I told my family I couldn't care less for Christianity, they said I could basically do anything so long as I stayed christian GUESS WHAT I DID. Otherwise, no What do you do when people judge you? I haven't been confronted about before
  8. pugsy

    CTRL+V! [Possible NSFW]

    Mummu sano et se lähetti paketin suklaata mulle mut se ei oo vieläkään tullu hdjsgfjhsdgfj se varmaan paketoi sen huonosti tai jotain
  9. pugsy

    Movie recommendations

    Law abiding citizen, Ink. Law abiding citizen is on youtube, entire thing. Not sure what about it is so alluring but I love that movie man
  10. pugsy

    Ban the User Above You

    B& for being a whofag
  11. http://www.codecademy.com I've been using this codeacademy site (Which is free) to help me start figuring out how to code and all that jazz, I suggest using it if you've been having trouble figuring out a good spot to start off on learning java or some other language.
  12. pugsy

    Games from your childhood

    Lol I played the first jak and daxter ended up opening that huge door at the ending, I was so dissapointed when it just cut to black :(