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  1. Kub

    Cool Owl Picture I took

    Like this?
  2. Kub

    Cool Owl Picture I took

    Since I haven't post anything since April, I figured I should share something cool. I took this picture of a plastic owl at a playground (don't ask why I was there). I used the shitty photo-editor on my phone and create this work of beauty.
  3. Kub


    Serial Experiments Lain (Cyberpunk, only 13 episodes)
  4. Kub


    Top 3 anime: NGE Serial Experiments Lain Kaiba
  5. Kub

    Good Movies

    (Wow first post in 3 months) End of Evangelion (Great animation, Soundtrack, and Writing, Probably the best movie ever made; The world is ending and the main character must decide whether humanity is worth saving) A Clockwork Orange (Amazing cinematography and writing; A gang leader in a post-apocalyptic England undergoes experimental brainwashing) Clerks (Great writing, Funny as fuck; A store clerk has to work on his day off) Punch Drunk Love (Funny, Beautiful, Comfy, The only good movie Adam Sandler has been in; A socially awkward businessman gets in trouble after calling a sex-line) Akira (Amazing animation and writing; A member of a biker gang in post-apocalyptic Japan goes crazy after receiving psychic powers)
  6. Kub

    Future of gaming

    I'm just waiting for this
  7. Kub

    The Vinyl Thread

    I only get records of albums that mean a lot to me, so it's pretty small. I'm trying to find STGSTV or Spiderland, but I don't have much money now.
  8. Kub

    Favorite gift for Christmas so far?

    The EoE poster that I posted in the Anime thread