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  1. WhatsCS


  2. WhatsCS


    Can you fix this thread and make it a legitimate science thread?
  3. WhatsCS

    Buying a new headset

    Lolno, the surround is complete shit and the mic is muffled. Don't get it. For half the price and with the same audio quality you can get CARCHARIAS.
  4. WhatsCS

    I'm employing you... TODAY!

    Hense the italics. For those that need help:
  5. WhatsCS

    I'm employing you... TODAY!

    Can't, only way to see the site is to join it. There is no theme, just the three requirements. Just make what ever you think looks best. Banner, but if you are debating making a new custom style for the site I will for sure give you suggestions, since most of them suck...
  6. WhatsCS


    So Break Blade was pretty damn good. I recommend watching it, it is filled with Mechs and shit. Plus there are boobies.
  7. WhatsCS

    I'm employing you... TODAY!

    Hi, I need a banner for a site I go on with the dimensions of 1024x210. The requirements are that it must have Stocking, from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt and have "AB" (without quotes) in it. I'll probably try and make my own but I know most of you are pretty creative so I'm asking for help.
  8. WhatsCS

    Oculus Rift - Minecraft

    I can't answer for him but I do know that it doesn't generally make you dizzy or woozy. They have a very fast latency between the headset and the game. OT: That looks really fucking cool to be honest, when did you get the rift?
  9. WhatsCS

    Random/Wtf Candy?

    You can get those in banana flavor, was pretty good.
  10. WhatsCS

    Lenovo 'inkpad

    Unlocky thing? Unlock the BIOS?
  11. WhatsCS

    Man hospitalized after Duck attack

    And to top it off the guy is over 90 years old. It probably would have been ignored except he is very old.
  12. WhatsCS

    I made a thing

    It's easy to make and I enjoy the end product, therefore I'm going to make it. No fuck you.
  13. WhatsCS

    What is your favorite and most hated browser?

    Probably, don't know because FUCK OPERA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA