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  1. PigHunter

    Hello, I'm Rain.

    You're a saint puddleduck. Welcome!
  2. PigHunter

    Where are the new members coming from

    Considering 90% of the members here are from the videos, and there hasn't been anything posted in forever, where are the new members coming from?
  3. PigHunter


  4. PigHunter

    Alternative ways to grief servers

    Man I haven't played in years. An old way that works pretty good, especially on cracked servers, is to take about 20 alts. Write a script that logs them in and out as fast as possible. It'll crash most servers that don't have specialized protections against this. Another way to increase the effectiveness and require fewer alts is to walk all the alts to different locations on the map that are far out and then log them in and out. That lava thing you discovered is actually pretty applicable to anything. If you can do anything that will require a large amount of block updates it'll bog down servers with shit hardware. You can also drop a large amount of items where more than one player is, assuming they don't have plugins to deal with this. Lava where player set spawns is always fun. Abuse of poorly made plugins is always a good route. Most servers where the owner makes the plugins that are medium sized have pretty terrible plugins that are very very abuse-able. Just have to think outside the box. With the walking as XP thing you could set something on your W key to auto gain experience for hours. That explosive pick axe thing may be able to destroy things that are a block inside protected areas. If you can program you'll likely be able to make any item a nuke depending on how she designed it. Key to finding exploits is to use things how the developer has not thought how you'll use them. Be creative and try things out, think outside the box. You'll always be shocked by what you can find.
  5. PigHunter

    Discord Server.

    ts.voxelcore.com or is where a handful of the older members of this forum hang out.
  6. PigHunter

    The FCC officially votes to kill the internet

    You obviously know far more than I, so I'm going to concede. The articles I've read obviously were being needlessly evangelical about the viability of a WISP.
  7. PigHunter

    The FCC officially votes to kill the internet

    I have no WISPs locally, I've read about them plenty though. Webpass is quick Atlass communications is quick. Setting up a WISP as a meshnet increases reliability. The startup cost for a 500 person WISP if 50,000 dollars. It's doable and is, compared to laying copper or fiber, is fairly cheap. You're thinking of WISPs that existed a decade ago, wireless has come a long way.
  8. PigHunter


    I vote we ban everyone without a cute avatar.
  9. PigHunter

    The FCC officially votes to kill the internet

    It's possible to run an ISP without massive infrastructure investments. Wireless is often times pretty fantastic, it's not uncommon for small WISPs to get sued into oblivion though.
  10. PigHunter

    The FCC officially votes to kill the internet

    Then make it apparent that of the network cap and impose a bandwidth cap for usage during peak time; it shouldn't be legal to chose how I use my internet. Similar to how I should be able to use my electricity as I please.
  11. PigHunter

    The FCC officially votes to kill the internet

    Then why not use a bandwidth cap, or throttle after x amount of usage, or throttle people using a lot of bandwidth during peak times. Why restrict what services they can use?
  12. PigHunter

    Someone cure my boredness

    DXM is actually a really good time as long as it's a rare treat. It's mildly neurotoxic; not an issue if done seldom at not retarded doses. Biggest health issue with acetaminophen in most cough syrups being hard on your liver. Fairly easily managed. The rest of that shit listed is really, really dumb though. You're smart. Buy not dumb drugs. If you don't know where to get them irl get them on the internet. Sounds like you should just be sober at the moment though. Hire a prostitute. Go eat somewhere new by yourself. Go for a hike. Go for a bike ride, Many places have jumps and shit. Go draining. Read a book, R.A Salvatore is quite good. Try a new tech or diy project. It is very very easy to be no board.
  13. PigHunter

    The FCC officially votes to kill the internet

    You're dumb. The FCC has been stopping violations of Net Neutrality well before 2015. The FCC got sued in 2015 stating they didn't have the legal right to prevent net neutrality from being violated under title 1. They then reclassified the internet as title 2 and created new rules for the new legal framework. What services cause more congestion than others?
  14. PigHunter

    The make fun of rakiru game

    Rakiru is a cute girl but has a penis. That's the best compliment I could think of.