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  1. Wow, completely forgot about these forums until the video was posted today. Crazy to think that I joined way back in 2011. I was ~12 when I joined and was your standard annoying and squeaky kid. I was awkward and didn't really have many IRL friends. I found myself loving the Avolition videos as they were one of my first introductions into programming. The idea of modifying an existing program to gain an advantage really appealed to me. Now, I'm 18 and was planning on going to university this year to study CS. Personal issues, however, resulted in my completely fucking my Maths A-Level. My plan for the next year is to try and solve said personal issues and retake Maths in the hopes of going to university next year, whilst working to acquire all of dat currency.
  2. Matdo


    I mean, I heard that he was avoiding a drunk driver on a bike, swerved and hit a tree.
  3. Matdo

    Xray Problems(Solved)

    My hint applies for whenever you have a problem you need to figure out. Searching for relevant terms is your friend. I'm assuming you're using eclipse. Use Ctrl+F to search for terms within a class, and use Ctrl+H to search the entire project. In this case, you'd want to search for things related to rendering. Another tip is if you are looking to create a certain effect, look at where that effect is used in the main game. For example, whenever you change a graphics setting, the world is reloaded. Use that to your advantage.
  4. Matdo

    Just a quick question [Java]

    That code will run numberOne, numberTwo and numberThree and then will end. If you want it to repeat, just use a loop.
  5. Matdo

    Ban the User Above You

    Banned because I didn't get plenty of sleep last night and am still tired.
  6. Matdo

    Happy... 4th. :C

    All those in England who celebrate it shall be drawn and quartered to keep their treason from spreading. FOR THE EMPIRE!
  7. Matdo

    Watch_Dogs (Pile of Shit)

    I heard it's getting a patch anyway, so the optimisation should (hopefully) be fixed,
  8. Matdo

    [Minecraft] Still a problem with "BlockID"...

    Okay, use Ctrl+F to search inside a class and Ctrl+H to search through the entire project (Assuming you're using eclipse). Look up anything to do with "ID".
  9. Matdo

    [Minecraft] Still a problem with "BlockID"...

    Not really, that would be classified as "spoon feeding". Following my last piece of advice, inputting a block and outputting an ID (this method already exists in the Block class.), what did you attempt to do? Also, by setting the Minecraft gamma brightness to higher, you don't need to change the block brightness.
  10. Matdo

    [Minecraft] Still a problem with "BlockID"...

    Okay, not sure why it's looking like that for you, but the way that I did it is by getting the ID of the current block (remembering that the class Block.java is an object base. All blocks extend Block.java), and then comparing it to whatever ID I want it to display. Also, why are you using renderAsNormalBlock?
  11. Matdo

    [Minecraft] Still a problem with "BlockID"...

    Give us images of what the ores look like. Show us the code you are using to attempt to render all sides. All I will tell you about drawing an ESP is that you probably want to be learning openGL, the library that Minecraft does its rendering in. To learn the basics, I reccomend http://www.youtube.com/thebennybox. I've only just started learning but he's the best I've found so far.
  12. Matdo


    Now, I think you mentioned that you wanted to make a Fullbright. To do that, look at the rendering of Minecraft. Look at how the lighting system works, how a block's brightness is decided. From there, you can just make a toggle to manipulate it as you wish. This is what you want to do when making any mods. Spend a time before touching any code thinking about any relevant information. Then, have a look in the possible relevant classes (Ctrl+H in eclipse allows you to search for terms in the entire project - useful for this stage). Once you have an understanding of how it works, you should have an idea of what to do.
  13. Matdo


    If you're looking for a tutorial, this isn't the place. Instead, I would recommend doing what Wkter suggested and start going through the source from the Minecraft class. Look at how things are called, in what order and how they are used. Make sure that you are familiar with the source code before you try to modify it.
  14. Matdo

    Ban the User Above You

    B& for wanting a darker shade of blue. USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST