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  1. rakiru

    Everyone post your github

    Yeah, sure, have my empty-as-fuck GitHub profile: https://github.com/rakiru
  2. rakiru

    The make fun of rakiru game

    Now, do I close this, because and that's the whole point, or leave it open because it's the only hint of life in this section and I desperately crave remotely positive attention? Bonus thinking because slightly NSFW and we don't seem to have spoilers any more?
  3. rakiru

    How to develop cheats for every PC game

    I know you're shitposting, but DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES or vm_read/write() seem like promising starts. I imagine they also have ptrace() in some form.
  4. rakiru

    How to develop cheats for every PC game

    That covers what I generally do: entirely C/C++ for smaller stuff, but for larger things, use it to embed and provide some hooks for Lua/Python/C#. Not that any of this really matters most of the time, because 90% of games are written in Unity, so not only do you get C# out of the box, but you get everything the game engine has with no effort. Now you too can be a 1337 game h4xx0r with zero effort!
  5. rakiru


    While you're at it, just watch all of his talks. They're not all comedic, but I'm pretty sure I enjoyed them all.
  6. rakiru

    microphone recommend

    Ahem, minimod.
  7. rakiru

    Pointer location in C and C++ programming

    As much as the first seems like the more sensible option, because the type is int pointer, it makes situations like this confusing: int* foo, bar; Because that looks like you've just declared two int pointers, foo and bar, but actually you've just done: int* foo; int bar; For that reason, I do the latter: int *foo, bar; (Ok, in those cases, I'd declare them on separate lines, but you get the point.)
  8. rakiru

    My ineptness at drawing

    It's largely a shit-load of practice, but look for general theory guides in the styles/techniques that interest you, so you aren't just slamming your face against a wall repeatedly. Skell's advice is pretty much what I do. (Not that I think that I'm that great at drawing yet though)
  9. rakiru

    hi haha its 6 am and i cant fall asleep idk why

    As a fellow Brit - fucking disgusting. It tastes pretty much the same.
  10. rakiru

    hi haha its 6 am and i cant fall asleep idk why

    I assume both of those are better than regular mountain dew, right? Because that's the worst fizzy drink I've ever had.
  11. rakiru

    Does it?

  12. I don't think I've ever heard anyone say DirectX is harder than OpenGL before. On the contrary, I know several people who find DirectX better because it provides a lot of nice stuff on top of the basics (or something like that, I don't know it).
  13. ...yes, I know. I even mentioned the pastebin link explicitly. I'm suggesting you include it in the actual post in case the pastebin link dies for whatever reason.
  14. rakiru


    Ok, fair. This place is kept alive by shitposting and memes. ?M?E?M?E?S? And autism.