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    How to bypass OpenDNS blocking system?

    Ok, my older brother apparently did something to make my parents install/add a parental blocker called "OpenDNS". I have no problem with my parents having a blocking system if it is only used to block things that are bad, however, they went overboard on it (or the blocker came preinstalled like this) and it seems to have blocked nearly every major website (Youtube, Facebook, ect.). I tried Google searching a way to bypass it, but no solutions (that work, that is) came up. I'm just wondering if anyone knows how exactly you can bypass it?
  2. LikeABoss

    No more "Community Servers" ever

    At first I thought that it was just some posters on here being retards, but now Krysk and Church are/were? Well, that's the last straw. I'm out of here.
  3. LikeABoss

    How to bypass OpenDNS blocking system?

    Yes, I have indeed punched that in. Neither of them work. My parents found a way to block me from changing what DNS server I use. If I buy my own computer I will still have to use my parents' internet. The blocker is installled into the internet modem, not the computer.
  4. LikeABoss

    How to bypass OpenDNS blocking system?

    I still think you should do this. I actually tried that yesterday, and my father just shrugged his shoulders and basically told me that since him and my mom work alot they don't have time to monitor every site that I go on, and they also don't have time to create a website whitelist (that isn't true, they have time, they just won't) so everything is remaining blocked. I am somewhat suprised that these forums didn't get blocked, because 95% of the forums I used to go on are now blocked by the filter. It seems that they have set up a setting on the OpenDNS or something that doesn't allow me to change what DNS server I use, so that option is now out of the picture.
  5. LikeABoss

    How to bypass OpenDNS blocking system?

    I honestly can't figure out anyway to bypass it. I'm kind of starting to get pissed now, especially since it seems to have blocked every anonymizer and anonymizer program (it even blocked TOR). Does anyone have any solutions? Any at all?
  6. LikeABoss

    How to bypass OpenDNS blocking system?

    Didn't work. The website is blocked. That didn't work either. I can't find any public DNS servers other than the Google ones, and they don't work for me for some reason.
  7. LikeABoss

    Evenprime! No! D:

    Bukkit has been bought by Mojang, all four Bukkit main developers got employed and will be working on an official Minecraft API (server and client) that should replace Bukkit eventually. Alright then. I'm sure that you guys worked really hard on it, and it was good at first, but somewhere down the line the whole thing got muddled up. Thanks for the hard work, although I didn't really like how Bukkit was operated/set up, it was the foundation of nearly every multiplayer minecraft server, so congrats for that. You guys have indeed been the backbone of the Multiplayer component of Minecraft, I just hope that this time it doesn't get muddled up.
  8. LikeABoss

    Evenprime! No! D:

    Hopefully Bukkit will stop being used, although I doubt it. Bukkit is horrible, but it is basically the only program of its kind for minecraft. Then someone could start from scratch and make a much better one.
  9. LikeABoss

    Pokemon Black and White 2

    Really? I am sick and tired of all of the hate surronding game series retaining the same gameplay. Good game series don't fix what isn't broken, but refine and tweak it to make it perfect (or closer to perfection). Look at the Pokemon, Mario, Legend of Zelda, Elder Scrolls, Assassin's Creed, Halo, Battlefield and Call of Duty series. They have never changed the core gameplay. They have added and removed and changed some things, but all of the games still have the same core gameplay/style (not counting spin offs or side games, of course). They sell millions of copies of each game in each series, but yet people just bitch and moan about how it is the same. It's still fun, and it isn't broken, so they shouldn't fix it. If you don't like the same core gameplay/style, then don't buy the game, or if you don't want to play an updated version of the same game with a different story or different game mechanics, then don't buy it. But don't bitch and moan about how they didn't change every part of the game to your liking.
  10. LikeABoss

    How to bypass OpenDNS blocking system?

    Right, about that. I don't know of any DNS Servers. The Google Public Servers don't work for me. Sorry for the double post, but my parents are strange. They are very strict with some things, and then other things, not so much. They are strict with what websites we use, but they don't care much about lying. Sure, they will scold us about lying to them, but they will never ground us.
  11. LikeABoss

    What would you do if you could not buy used games?

    To be honest, I find PC gaming to be highly overrated, and much more expensive. Sure, it looks slightly better if you have a top of the line computer, but other than that, I don't see the difference. Plus, most PC gamers tend to be really snotty and act like anything that is a console exclusive is a piece of garbage. Halo and LittleBigPlanet are obviously not pieces of garbage, but are rather, some of the best games ever.
  12. LikeABoss

    What would you do if you could not buy used games?

    Quite frankly, this would ruin gaming as we know it. What happens if, in the future, a certain game goes out of print and people still want to buy it and play it? Well, you couldn't buy it used, so people would sell the game for a ridiculous price because they have no competition.
  13. LikeABoss

    Do you think SOPA will pass?

    I certainly hope not. This would send us spiraling into a huge, crippling economic depression with businesses/websites shutting down left and right.
  14. LikeABoss

    Has gaming Reached Its peak?

    There is no such thing as a "peak" in an industry like this. Look at Movies and Music, those industries might have ups and downs, but they always will be a staple in our lives. Same with video games.
  15. LikeABoss

    Halo 4: Will it suck?

    I don't understand all of the hate about Reach. Reach is my favorite out of the entire series. It improved the entire game engine that was in Halo 3, the Multiplayer is much more fun, and the campaign give you the backstory for the entire series. I guess people don't like it because it doesn't have Master Chief in it.
  16. LikeABoss


    I either have a dream where I predict a minor moment in my life a few days in advance (and then it happens in real life, like my friends getting the last slices of cake from the lunchroom), or really, really weird ones that don't really classify as dreams or nightmares because they are so trippy.
  17. There's a few threads about people leaving the forums. Why? The forums are the same as they ever were. Why make such a big fuss over leaving?
  18. LikeABoss

    Mask/Change my IP Address

    Hey everybody. I was just wondering how exactly you can mask and/or change your IP Address.
  19. LikeABoss

    So what's up with all of the people "leaving" the forums?

    I didn't literally mean everyone on the forum. I was referring to the people who are/did leave.
  20. LikeABoss

    Mask/Change my IP Address

    I don't want something that will give my computer viruses I kind of need something that will mask my ip even when I'm playing Minecraft or Steam...
  21. LikeABoss

    I tried to break the terrain generator

    Hmmm, with a mod you could turn this map into a minecraft version of pacman!
  22. LikeABoss

    Dear Krysk, Sinkip, Storm, Roz

    Whoever he is, it sounds like he's doing quite well. Indeed. I wish I was quite well.
  23. LikeABoss

    Garry's Mod

    Meh, I got bored of it fast. I don't really like making "machinima" style videos and it really isn't a game, so I got bored of it fast. Luckily I got it on sale for, I think it was, $7 and it was in a sales bundle with Counter Strike Source on steam, so it's not like I spent a whole lot of money on it. I guess I got my money's worth from Gmod.
  24. LikeABoss

    favorite drink? (Non-Alchoholic)

    Mountain Dew Voltage.
  25. Er, I also have adderal, and I'm pretty sure you are supposed to follow the directions on the bottle so something like this doesn't happen........:p