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  1. darthnix

    What is Storm's keyboard?

    So I've always loved the sound of Storm's keyboard in videos, and I was just wondering if anyone knew what it was? It's not like a mechanical keyboard I've hear before, so I'm assuming it's a rubber dome that just sounds really nice.
  2. darthnix

    Ban the User Above You

    Banned for lying about being good.
  3. darthnix

    How quickly can you solve a Rubik's cube.

    Last time I tried was less than 2 minutes. But I don't do it anymore because it was bad for my fingers.
  4. darthnix

    Describe the person above you

    A bird that lights up the night.
  5. You both are right, he said to talk to him by PMing him here or other means. Sirenfal said the same thing, about how it would piss off the viewers. Okay. Since you already have them, I guess there is no point in fixing them.
  6. I am fixing the audio of every avolition video that was reuploaded and the audio got out of sync. I have already finished fixing Rice Think episode 1, and have sent Sirenfal a request through HF to see if he will download the fixed versions of the videos and reupload them to the official TeamAvolition channel. I know it's pointless, but the way the videos are now annoy me, and I have to be a super Fanboy and fix them. If there is a better place for this post, please move it. Thanks.
  7. darthnix

    My basic aVo logo

    I cannot even read it, and it's not practical for someone on the ground.
  8. darthnix

    My new Avolition wallpaper

    Thanks for the feedback. Just for improvement, bipolarbear, what could I have improved on so it looks better?
  9. darthnix

    My new Avolition wallpaper

    So I decided to whip this up because I was bored. The quote is from Spacemonkey episode 6 I think.
  10. darthnix

    Java Tutorials for Mac?

    Girls girls! Calm down. :3
  11. darthnix

    Java Tutorials for Mac?

    For instance, I tried this one tutorial series, the name was something like the boston soup or something, and he gave a download link to a program that only Windows could use.
  12. darthnix

    Java Tutorials for Mac?

    Considering I wrote in the original post that I did, YES. But I wasn't talking about searching for the PROGRAMS. I meant for certain tutorials that use programs for windows.
  13. darthnix

    Java Tutorials for Mac?

    Yes, but I always run into the problem of Mac not having the same program as Windows that we need. :(
  14. darthnix

    Java Tutorials for Mac?

    I'd like to learn Java for Mac, but when I search for it on Google or Youtube for tutorials, it either 1.Comes up with tutorials for Windows, or 2. The tutorials I find are crappy. If anyone programs on a Mac, please tell me how you learned, even if it's a book. And PLEASE do not post "Get a Windows computer." Then you're an ass. EDIT: Sorry, I'm a fag. Didn't see the top topic on "starting coding". But if you could respond still, thanks.
  15. darthnix

    Fire is VERY useful still :)

    Excuse me? I haven't posted this twice. What the fuck are you smoking? I want some. You did post this twice, check the now topics section of the forum. /facepalm Yup, just realized I did. How do I delete it?