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  1. derp_wagon

    [mod] Minecraft name scaling [1.2.5]

    Wow, after I've been gone for so long I'm suprised that people still want this mod. I'll update the mod to 1.3.2 and throw in a few bonus features.
  2. derp_wagon

    Where are movement modifiers for blocking/bow located

    MovementInputFromOptions has the sneak speed, not sure about blocking.
  3. derp_wagon

    Dark Souls PC

    hell yeah I'm getting it! pretty sure that won't last very long...
  4. derp_wagon

    WORST game plot?

    On topic: dead island
  5. derp_wagon

    [mod] Minecraft name scaling [1.2.5]

    This isn't a radar mod, the purpose of this mod is simply to increase the readability of minecraft's name tags. If you want that then you're going to have to make (or find) it yourself.
  6. derp_wagon

    Mother of god!

    The zombies only glitch out on multiplayer
  7. derp_wagon

    Help with auto tool.

    Try using it in someplace that deals with hitting blocks, it should work.
  8. derp_wagon

    Most annoying plugins

    The most anoying plugin I've seen is that oreobfuscater plugin. Even if you're not x-raying it sucks because it lags the crap out of servers and even crashes some smaller servers.
  9. derp_wagon

    [Help]Trace Box Mob

    One does not simply learn java, before they pass grade 1.
  10. derp_wagon

    Halo 4

    I think bungie did great on Reach's matchmaking. Armour abilities brought a new and interesting aspect to the gameplay that was a lot better than just feeding the same style of gameplay game after game. The only problem I had was how easy the story was, it didn't ever give you the feeling of defeat, it just seemed like the humans just gave up for no reason at all. On the topic of halo 4, I can't wait for it to come out. I've been a halo fan since HaloCE. Halo 3 left you wondering what happened and I can't wait for halo 4 to come out so I will finally have an answer to that question.
  11. derp_wagon

    [mod] Minecraft name scaling [1.2.5]

    I'm done with this until minecraft updates again. If you find any bugs just tell me and I will fix them as soon as I have time.
  12. derp_wagon

    How Fast Can You type?

  13. derp_wagon

    Mother of god!

    This is the result of being afk all night at a zombie spawner (I got from level 4 to 50 then from 7 to 50 again):
  14. derp_wagon

    [HELP] Drawing graphics on a new canvas.

    Pretty sure he wants to create a new screen with the view of the other players in game like a security camera.
  15. derp_wagon

    Sprint mod getting blocked by nocheat

    Argh, it's not working. I'm going to take a break for a bit or else my computer might possibly be flying out my window. Still looking for any help. So far I've done these: TheProteh's method MidnightRave's method Completely remove anything that sets sprinting to false(didn't work)