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  1. dakman

    opinions on this entire quinnspiracy ordeal?

    Has anybody noticed that there usually is a gamespress debacle almost every year that everybody ends up forgetting about in a month's time?
  2. dakman

    You people are still here?

    I ate too much soup, and thus gained UNTOLD POWERS!
  3. dakman

    You people are still here?

    Well, jk. I was gone on a long trip, now I am back. (to the 2 people that remember me)
  4. dakman

    Official aVo Starbound Multiplayer Server

    ill join you guys, hell I may even bring a few others with me.
  5. I predict the results would be a 2 night stay in a cell for trying to bring a sword onto a plane/train/bus/cab etc. and when asked to relinquish it, he proceeds to shout about his "honorur". Plus, the first fact of sword fighting is that you will get tired in the first minute.
  6. dakman

    I Am Tia, AMA

    Y u so angry? Can you do the bernie? And finally... When you yell at something loud enough, do you become a little hoarse the next day?
  7. I hate to sound very callous, but from a tactical mindset we should stay out, but arm the rebels. Why, you may ask? Well here's two reasons why: 1. Arming the rebels indicates good will toward some of these fanatics. Now we won't become BFFs, but at least they will acknowledge that we have a genuine concern about Assad and people like him. The Libya situation did help with some image issues (which were then revoked quickly, due to other situations like drones). This will also make Assad's life even more difficult. 2. All these big-name jihadist organizations are flocking to this region, getting killed by professional soldiers. They see Syria as a big community service project and are willingly getting killed for their cause. Assad is also bringing in other jihadists to fight for him (explains how he managed to keep a steady pool of soldiers), so really Syria may become one big jihadist showdown. These groups are throwing a lot of resources into fighting, resources that are pretty finite. If they keep this up they are going to start having stability issues and will become weaker. It could also play out the same way like what happened to the US during the Iraq invasion. These are still people and war-weariness will eventually set in. By arming the rebels, they will end up evening the odds and will possibly even win in the end. If a rebel victory does ensue, then there will be even more fighting, since there are many groups with different ideologies vying for control. If Assad wins, there will most likely be a massive crackdown, where many people will probably be slaughtered en masse, and Iran will probably gain more influence for a time. But at that same time, those outside factions that fought on the rebel side will most likely not forget, and will continue to raid syria until there is another civil war. Since this war has been covered extensively, there is no way Assad could sweep this under the rug, and the people will find out about what happened. Now, there is the problem if Israel gets involved and decides to retaliate, so the US should probably give Israel a stern warning to not intervene or set foot in Syria. If they get involved these jihadists may redirect their attention to Israel and end up fighting them instead of each other. Lets hope Israel can practice some restraint. The US should also stay out because the banner system of identifying people is very muddy, so there will be major losses on both sides, since there are many jihadists fighting in the area, with no obvious confirmation on who they are fighting for and against. And the world will be pissed either way. I feel like that's kind of what Russia is doing at the moment, since they really hate these "terrorist" groups and have a lot of problems with them. They are only backing Assad because they have ports in the region that they know that they will lose if Assad goes, but they really do not care for Assad. They look after their own interests. And China is the same way, but I think their denial has to do with international PR. Either way, the innocent people of Syria will suffer immensely, no matter what. Intervention could work, but it seems most other countries are against it, so best we can do is use subterfuge and pick up the pieces after the smoke has settled. It's devolved into a "damned if you do, damned if you don't", so going half-way may be the best option. And I should apologize about how disjointed this is, no sleep is a pain in the ass.
  8. dakman

    Crab Fishing

    Can you also get lobsters as well?
  9. dakman

    My brethren and I are angry. [TRIGGER WARNING: ANGER]

    Can we rename the sexes as "Hot-dog handler" and "Taco master"?
  10. You know that they are probably watching this thread now... ...If so, mr. president, could it be too much trouble to forgive all my student loans up to the end of 2016?
  11. >Sue her for sexual harassment >make a million dollars >get boob job
  12. dakman

    Zombie Plan

    Weld together metal scraps into some makeshift armor over a light bulletproof vest, get a sword, and a camel back under said armor. With 5-6 MREs in case to last me the first week. Also beforehand make a massive book filled with various bits of knowledge, like medical procedures, schematics, history, maps, etc., all laminated and backed up on a hard drive in case I find a computer that works.
  13. Taylor, 5'7", 145lbs, 21, and the only gague in intelligence that I can rely on is that I am still alive despite not being as strong as an ox. Vut just fyi, 2 of those stats are a lie
  14. dakman

    Awesome Steam Summer Sale Song.

    Huh, the soundtrack I hear every year just repeats "I'M BROKE! I'M BROKE!"
  15. dakman

    New to Team Fortress 2

    Heavy, bro. All you have to do is camp the point with an ammo refiller, point your gun, and don't let go.Use Tomislav for Heavy ambushes and hiding in corners. References: I killed about 30-40 people in one life that way.