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  1. What time do you go to bed?

    If I have work, I try for 2 PM. If not, I am normal and I sleep at night.
  2. Diablo 3 Years Later

    I regret buying it. My friend still loves playing every new season, but I stay away from it.
  3. Discord Server.

  4. Discord Server.

    Aight nibbas, listen up. I started a Discord server for these forums. Whether Sirenfal wants to make it the official Discord is up to him, but I saw Discord as an opportunity to make communication easier between members of the site who may not frequent the boards anymore. It is no secret that these forums are a hell of a lot quieter than it used to be several years ago. This might even allow the forums to become a little more active again, but I cannot say for certain. It is definitely more reliable than PM's here. https://discord.gg/DYNJ6Zk
  5. im literally a fucking loser

    Not enough duct tape.
  6. Nothing could match the gracefulness of its maiden voyage.
  7. Test Taking Strategy

    I have an idea. Go through your notes and stuff, and then pretend like you're tutoring someone. You subconsciously make a mental effort to get the information right, and you are still going through your notes. By pretending to tutor and talking your notes out, you are engaging more of your brain to study, thus reinforcing the information. Oh yeah, and don't EVER fucking second-guess yourself. EVAR.
  8. The Time, man, where did it go?

    I have been feeling the same thing. I remember these words of wisdom from Error:
  9. The Time, man, where did it go?

    I agree. Force the savages into civilized behavior. It makes me hard.
  10. The Time, man, where did it go?

    Does making my own language count instead of learning one?
  11. All hail the Internet.

  12. The Time, man, where did it go?

    I have been a member for five years this October 9th. Where did the time go, and how did it go so damn fast? I feel old seeing my join date, even though I am only 20. It is freaky, man.
  13. You Laugh, You Lose. Round V

  14. ...

    Whalecum, I mean welcome, to the forums. May your presence on this forum shed light on humanity's flaws, or something like that.
  15. So is coffee supposed to taste like shit?

    As someone who downs four large cups of coffee from McDonald's in three hours, it is not usually for the taste. Like beer, it is an acquired taste, and eventually, you get a preference for the ones that suck the least.