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  1. Exactly this. I seriously wish I had some useful info on the subject of VBOs/VAOs before I had to implement this type of shit without any reliable source of help (except documentation). In my experience, most of the "tutorials" I found about VBOs/VAOs used fixed function pipeline stuff that has been deprecated/removed since almost a fucking decade ago or had information that was completely wrong.
  2. I was a nerdy kid in October 2011, and a wannabe hacker who knew enough Java to make them l33t hacked clients that were so trendy back in the day. I also played way too much video games, which affected my academic success. Now my vision is much more focused on getting a career and actually doing something productive other than hack games. I stopped my addiction to video games and started socializing with others more. I'm definitely miles ahead in self-confidence compared to what I was 6 years ago.
  3. DeCoolJB

    packets and net.minecraft

    No, you can't (with packets, at least.) Your character's velocity and speed are 0 on the serverside. In fact, the server doesn't even know your character has velocity or speed, but rather it only cares about the player entity's position. That's why some shitty freecams tend to "freeze" your character server-side, which allows staff to detect your hacks via water buckets (the water doesn't push your player because the server doesn't try to apply a velocity to your character to move it.) As you can probably guess, the server's understanding of your speed/velocity comes from the position packets your client sends, the delta changes between each consecutive position and their related delta times. In other words, your position on the server is entirely* dictated by your player's position on your client, which is why fly hacks are still possible to use on vanilla servers and unprotected Spigot servers. If you want to "increase" your speed server-side, you make your character run faster client-side. It's as simple as that. As to the method to actually achieve that, just look at how speed potions increase your running speed. I don't even have Minecraft's decompiled source at the moment, so I wouldn't know what class you need to begin with. *There are measures to counteract cheats, obviously. For example, travelling millions of blocks instantly tends to freak the game out and consequently kick you. Or if you travel a certain amount in the air without descending (which ultimately increases the fall damage you get when you land), the game will kick you for flying. Again, it depends on the calculated velocity the server creates using your client's position packets and delta times.
  4. DeCoolJB

    TabGUI Problem

    In order to detect a key press rather than a key being held down, you need to detect when the key's state changes from off (0) to on (1), which is otherwise known as a rising edge if we treated the state of the key as a digital signal. Store the state of your key 1 tick/frame/update before the current one in some variable. Compare the previous state with the current state of the key to see if the previous state was false but the current state is true. That's the basic way of doing it if you're dealing with raw input (without any event handlers and listeners). I don't work with LWJGL anymore, but I believe the Keyboard.getEventKeyState () method returns true whenever a key event happens. Throw that method in an if statement, check which keys are pressed down at the time, and hey presto, you have the same logic as above, but more clean with the LWJGL method calls. I think that's even how Minecraft does it.
  5. DeCoolJB

    Avolition Videos

    Didn't you just make a thread about aVo making videos? Shouldn't that be bugging you? Yeah, aVo isn't making videos anymore. Just let children ask anyways, because you can't stop them. They'll get the same response they've always been getting, and they'll go away.
  6. DeCoolJB

    Font Problems

    It looks like you may need to play around with your font's weight. If you also want the smooth, not-jagged look, you're approaching this the wrong way. Minecraft's font rendering method isn't designed to render fonts like that. While we can't be 100% certain due to Youtube's shitty compression artifacts, you can clearly tell that there is some kind of smoothing going on. This is achieved by anti-aliasing. Minecraft's native font renderer doesn't support anti-aliasing because it relies on a bitmap font (which functions similarly to the texture atlases that hold block textures), so recreating this effect requires some modification to the client. There's no way around it using standard vanilla functionality. Well, there's a cheaty method. The HD Fonts feature of Optifine only allows the font file in the resource pack to be a higher resolution - that's it. People take advantage of the larger resolution to create an "HD" font which greatly mitigates the jaggedness, but you're still going to have the anti-aliasing problem. Look closely in the previous image at the high resolution font, and you'll see that it isn't smooth after all. So, you can do two things: Install a mod/client that allows you to use TTF fonts and supports anti-aliased rendering (note: BetterFonts is discontinued if I remember correctly), or Make your font's image texture a large resolution and create more detailed glyphs. EDIT: By the way, Reliant uses Verdana (as I have been told. It's also the closest looking match).
  7. DeCoolJB

    How to get a job?

    For your resume, there are many things you can fuck up, but getting it all right is another story... The TL;DR/summary: Focus a lot on achievements. Keep everything concise. Make your formatting right. When possible, use evidence of your achievements including teachers willing to vouch for you. And keep everything concise. Firstly, keep it a page at most. Keep wording concise and at a minimum, you don't want your resume to look like a page ripped straight from a novel. Put all of your skills and accomplishments up top/middle. This helps to grab the employer's attention, because they only spend about 5 to 8 seconds looking at a resume. Make sure the formatting is good (this shows your attention to detail). Make everything readable and easy to navigate (putting things in "Skills", "Education", "Experience", and other categories in clear bold print is good. I used separators in my resume also, which helps divide the page out.) If you hand your resume to a hiring manager and they're easily able to tell where your sections are, you did it right. Fonts and other things are open for you to choose, although you wouldn't want to look like a clown and use something like Comic Sans. Try to be conservative mostly with your colors - black text is absolutely fine and encouraged. The thing about formatting is you want it to look good, and most importantly to prove that you're willing to put time and effort into things. Put achievements you did in school. Work experience is also incredibly valuable for this - if you held a job for a while before (which proves that you are reliable), be sure to put that. Don't put stuff like "I'm a hard worker" - everyone, and I mean everyone (who doesn't know what they're doing) says they're a hard worker or whatever, but your accomplishments will prove that. If you're a "quick learner" as you said, try to recall and put down experiences where you were able to learn new tasks quickly and get it accomplished fast. If you can't, try to then say that you're a quick learner and willing to put that skill in good use to learn about new, less-familiar things. There was some Asian kid in an AP calculus class at my school who precisely fit the definition of "quick learner", but spent all of his class time eating snacks and Lunchables and watching movies on his iPad while the teacher did jackshit (not even kidding). He still aced every test, but even though he was successful, don't be that kind of guy. A quick learner who wants to learn new shit is much more appealing to an employer than a quick learner who fucks around and does nothing because everything is easy for them. Use numbers or results when you're able to (this gauges your success). Opportunities where you volunteered for community service and school club memberships are great, so put that down as well as information about what you did (this shows that you're willing to put time into other things). If you're a straight-A student who took college-level classes (such as Advanced Placement or Honors), put that down. It shows that you work hard and successfully in a more difficult/strenuous class environment. If you did it deliberately to improve your skills as well as get the college credits, that's a bonus. If you're proficient in Spanish or another major language, put that down. Who wouldn't want a worker who could provide services to a whole new group of people who can't even speak English fluently? That just means more customers and revenue coming in. Any form of recognition such as awards? Put those down too in a "Recognition" section. Team sports is valuable particularly because it shows that you're able to work as a part of a larger whole, and it serves as a much better substitute for "team player", both literally and as a way to demonstrate your collaborative abilities. If you haven't done any sports (like me) in school, your choices to put here are more limited. When I was in school, there would be many class debates (this is mainly to encourage the validation of opinions, as well as a big fuck you to the "everyone-is-nice-and-shouldn't-fight" incentive that's prevalent in many schools.) This means that usually, everyone is offering an opinion that is sort of aligned to the big idea but conflicts in many ways (much like a parallel to the existence of political parties today, which serve to provide an overarching platform over every conflicting yet conservative/liberal idea). I would usually help offer my ideas as usual, but also act sort of as a leader in constructing every conflicting opinion into a cohesive hole. This was especially useful in a debate where I was in a group of 4 people against a side of 30 people. Despite the odds, by working as part of an entire team we were all able to bolster our confidence. We did very good according to the teacher that day. Got any teachers or other higher-ups vouching for your abilities? Get their contact information and add it to a reference sheet. Maybe ask them for a letter of recommendation if possible. Speaking of references, never add "References available on request" because it's redundant (employers, when they need it, will request your references anyways) The most important thing to get right about a resume is that the employer doesn't care about who you are (e.g. Hard worker, team player, etc etc etc) but what you did, can do, and what makes you different from the crowd of 2.0 GPAs who did not anything seriously. After all of that information is checked off in your resume, I'll stress this point from the first paragraph again: You'll probably have a whole bunch of stuff. If it goes over 2 pages, trim it down to 1. If you want, use smaller fonts to take advantage of your 1-page real estate, but again, when you can, cut down on redundant wording. It should be a list of skills, experience, and achievements, not a novel or poem. Also, remember that the whole point of a resume is to score the interview. You sell your skills and achievements as a way of proclaiming "Hey, I'm a really good candidate for this job. Give me it!" And if the hiring manager agrees, they'll schedule an interview with you. Good luck man =)
  8. DeCoolJB

    Render problems in Minecraft 1.9

    No problem. Although, you can remove some of those 90 degree sums: The sine of the sum of an angle x and 90 degrees is the cosine of x: sin (x + 90) = sin x * cos 90 + sin 90 * cos x sin (x + 90) = sin x * 0 + cos x * 1 sin (x + 90) = cos x. Likewise, the cosine of the sum of an angle x and 90 degrees is the negative sine of x: cos (x + 90) = cos x * cos 90 - sin x * sin 90 cos (x + 90) = cos x * 0 - sin x * 1 cos (x + 90) = -sin x. Therefore, I might revise your formulae to: x: Math.cos(pitch) * -Math.sin(yaw) y: -Math.sin(pitch) + player eye height z: Math.cos(pitch) * Math.cos(yaw) It looks better to me, IMO. Less numbers and screen space to worry about.
  9. DeCoolJB

    Render problems in Minecraft 1.9

    Are GL errors spewing in the IDE's console? EDIT: Nevermind, I didn't read the next post you made. Although, I noticed a couple things with your code: GL11.glEnable(GL11.GL_BLEND); ... GL11.glBlendFunc(770, 771); GL11.glEnable(GL11.GL_BLEND); The second glEnable call is redundant. Also, I would move up the blend function call with the first glEnable call to group the two because they both act on blending state, but it's not necessary. GL11.glBegin(2); I wouldn't use magic numbers. If other people read your code, they'll wonder what 2 is supposed to mean for this call. Instead, use GL11.GL_LINE_LOOP, which is the same constant as well as being clear and unambiguous. Also, I wouldn't use GL11.GL_LINE_LOOP at all, but rather GL11.GL_LINES (or 1 if you insist on numbers). //GL11.glEnable(GL11.GL_LIGHTING) Unless this is intentional, you should uncomment this line. If there's any rendering after this code then unless GL_LIGHTING is enabled as a precaution you're going to have things rendering without lighting. EDIT 2: Could you create an image that demonstrates this? You don't necessarily have to show the point "getting far from it" (implying a video/gif of some sorts, although that will help even more), but just that it doesn't connect to the center point. I think I have an idea of what might be going on, but this is pretty vague as it is.
  10. DeCoolJB

    Let's talk about Linux!

    Debian is stable, mature, old (not in a bad way, it has a bunch of packages and software that works with it, but these are generally old versions) and generally reliable.
  11. DeCoolJB

    Let's talk about Linux!

    Really it's all a matter of taste (see BeeJesus's response, Arch is absolutely not for everyone and I wouldn't recommend it as a first choice because you pretty much need to know everything that's going on), but I like the rolling release model and the fact that it's basically a bare bones system, so I install what the system needs and what I need only. Elitists will try to disagree, but if you don't have the knowledge/capacity/patience for it, choose something that won't make you lose sanity installing it.
  12. DeCoolJB

    Let's talk about Linux!

    Assuming that the partition/disk is already properly formatted with a file system: mount /dev/sdxY /mnt (sdxY is your partition) mount /dev/sdxY /mnt/home (in this case sdxY is a home partition if you have one, this is so you don't end up formatting all your personal stuff, if you don't have one then skip this command) pacstrap -i /mnt base base-devel (install arch) genfstab -U /mnt >> /mnt/etc/fstab (create file system table) arch-chroot /mnt /bin/bash At that point Arch is basically installed, so now you just need to install a bootloader, network stuff so pacman would actually work, etc. Then just restart the computer. This page is named a "beginners' guide" but that doesn't do it justice because it's really useful. I still find myself going to it for when I'm setting stuff up.
  13. DeCoolJB

    Let's talk about Linux!

    Hi, Arch user here. Steam almost runs perfectly fine for me, except for the fact that it keeps downloading its own fucking broken libraries so I have to constantly remove them whenever it updates. Anyways, Steam on Linux is 32bit so you'll need the 32bit libraries, as you obviously noticed. While I'm not experienced with Debian, Arch faces the same issue when you try to install a 32bit application on a 64bit system (it will try to replace the existing 64bit libraries because otherwise they would conflict with each other, as you also obviously had to deal with), so it has a special repository named "multilib" which basically contains 32bit applications and libraries specifically designed to run on 64bit machines. I'd imagine this is somewhat the same case with Debian. According to various sources you have to enable multi-arch on Debian to add the i386 architecture: sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 sudo apt-get update and then sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dri:i386 libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 libc6:i386 YMMV mainly because I don't use Debian
  14. DeCoolJB

    Looking for a Minecraft mod.

    Item transmutation belongs to Equivalent Exchange, but depending on how you want to play you will have to choose between two mods. Want easy conversion from diamonds to coal to iron to whatever else you need, aka creative mode in survival? Choose ProjectE - this mod is a port of the Equivalent Exchange from 1.2.5. Want balance and actual effort in transmutation? Choose Equivalent Exchange 3, which was revamped to retain the same mechanics of transmutation but heavily balances it.
  15. DeCoolJB


    Shit, accidental downvote. Sorry.