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    Servant of Chuck Knoblock the one armed long arm of the Law

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    Computer Stuff: Coding (Java, Python, C#, VB6), Network Penetration, etc.

    I also DJ, and I am trying to learn enough about sound engineering so I can produce well too.
  1. Huey

    Favorite IDE

    Eclipse + Visual Studio Professional
  2. Huey

    I am a Huey

    I'm always up for new stuff :3
  3. Huey

    I am a Huey

    Hey guys, I am Huey, I program, dj in my spare time, blah blah blah, useless stuff you don't care about here, and I hope to contribute alot to this forum.
  4. Yeah it is, but this is just to test my application. If it works now, it should work for every release in the future.
  5. NetClientHandler:aal.java BlockFluid:adq.java EntityClientPlayerMP:aeo.java GuiIngame:afn.java RenderLiving:en.java GuiIngameMenu:jy.java Block:np.java PlayerControllerMP:pv.java GuiScreen:tn.java EntityPlayerSP:to.java RenderPlayer:tx.java GuiMainMenu:vh.java EntityLiving:zt.java Let me know if any of these don't work.
  6. Huey

    1.9 Exploit Prediction

    Notch/Jeb have became quite aware of how they need to secure things on multiplayer, so I doubt much will happen, maybe a couple of things, but nothing too crazy.
  7. Huey

    Avo Desktop Concept Thread.

    Wow man, these are great, how do you tile the text in that fashion?