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  1. TNTniceman

    Speedmine Help

    lmfao this is too funny, I mean I'm drunk but this is too funny
  2. TNTniceman

    What coding languages do you know?

    You obviously don't know anything about Batch if you get confused by the idea of referencing a variable.
  3. TNTniceman

    Introduction to Java Programming

    My advice is to just take your course. Java, despite all the shit it receives, can be a fantastic place to start. Don't worry about running around on your own until you start to feel comfortable with Java; that's when I recommend you stretch your legs.
  4. TNTniceman

    Age is just a number.

    How the hell does that make any sense? Those two sentences contradicted each other entirely. If you can provide a legitimate answer to the question, then I can look past you calling this discussion stupid, because right now you sound terribly ignorant. The line has to be drawn somewhere when it comes to age, and while I want to agree with Wkter when he says that the laws will change due to the fact that everyone is unique when it comes to sexually maturity, I can't bring myself to. Because this is such a delicate subject, I doubt that we'll see the law budge on this one. And, for that matter, I don't think it should. Better safe than sorry. P.S. OP, clean your shit up, man. It's irritating trying to decipher every single one of your posts.
  5. TNTniceman


    This really isn't amazing... It's an idea that will take robotics absolutely nowhere. start of this video does a decent job explaining what I mean. It's so ridiculously impractical to build bionic humans that there's no reason to waste time and energy on expensive projects like this.
  6. TNTniceman

    Why hello there my fellow posters

    Holy shit, man! Good to see you again, it's been a while.
  7. TNTniceman

    US government partial shutdown

    Basically, this. Our government is so obviously outdated, it's ridiculous. One example is the electoral college; it made sense when information traveled slowly, but nowadays it's absolutely pointless, and often ends up screwing voters over.
  8. TNTniceman

    So since we need some unique GUIs around here...

    This should be some really simple arctan/vector math.
  9. TNTniceman


    https://twitter.com/notch/status/381305256095023104 Stumbled upon this on my Twitter feed, I knew it had to be the same Wkter!
  10. TNTniceman

    Weed misadventures

    I'd like to clear up a few misconceptions in this thread... Before I do that I would like to say I fully support the recreational use of marijuana. 1) Marijuana dependency is actually fairly common with a little over 9% of users eventually forming addictive habits. (http://www.mentalhea...s/p20-sb03.html, http://en.wikipedia....abis_dependence). 2) Carver's words are mostly true, except for one thing: marijuana does not "fight cancer." THC has been used once in a British study performed on mice, and while it did appear to reduce the size of tumors, it would be ridiculous to say that THC "can cure cancer" after one pilot experiment. My father was killed by colon cancer and while I can assure you that medical marijuana helped him a great deal with the negative effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment, it in no way helped delay the spread of malicious cancer cells. That said, don't rat this kid out. He may be an idiot, sure, but he's just a kid. I don't think you'd feel too great if you ruined his life no matter how much of a "dickhead" he is.
  11. TNTniceman

    Some help/ideas with OOP approach

    You either didn't read the original post or you chose to completely ignore it...
  12. TNTniceman

    Origin Games Giveaway

    1, please.
  13. TNTniceman

    Origin Games Giveaway

    I'll take 25.
  14. TNTniceman

    I'm making a particle collider

    Bump because I'm interested to see what's up with this.
  15. TNTniceman

    What coding languages do you know?

    That's silly as the point of switch statements is to reduce clutter...