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  1. greengreens1

    Hello World

    Wowowowow I guess its time for my yearly post here before I forget about this place for another 9 months. I'll see you all then!
  2. greengreens1

    Discord Server.

    Now I can remember to shitpost at you guys conveniently!
  3. greengreens1

    hi haha its 6 am and i cant fall asleep idk why

    How the fuck do live knowing that you actively enjoy code red when you could go find voltage instead?
  4. greengreens1

    hi haha its 6 am and i cant fall asleep idk why

    It's obviously because you're drinking the worst flavor of mountain dew possible, even worse than code red.
  5. greengreens1

    Does it?

  6. greengreens1


    brown boys where you at?
  7. greengreens1

    Where are you now in relation to when you joined the forum

    Was a nerdy 15 yr old that really wanted to see ebin minecraft hacks at the time. Eventually joined but really lurked and only contributed when it really interested me. Eventually became much more lax on trying to impress people as well and started to find actual friends instead of having to pretend a lot. I finally was able to also make some money as well in order to really start investing in things as well. After going through some pretty rough patches after graduating high school and stumbling through engineering, I've really found my passion in biochemistry and will (if everything pans out right) will be graduating university this year. I've gotten a lot better at being more in control and not panicking at things as well, with having many more actual friends and going pretty steady right now. Also currently being the one of the mods on the Internet Historian discord as well is pretty good as well. Oh yeah and i kinda like a bit of alcohol as well.
  8. greengreens1

    For Honor

    ill try playing it again when it gets dedicated servers. Would need to relearn a lot of my kensei combos again though.
  9. Somewhat of a lost interest I guess. I check back to see if something piques my interest and if not, Just kinda wait for something to.
  10. greengreens1


  11. greengreens1


  12. greengreens1

    what was your first experience with alcohol?

    Was at a bonfire at around 17 and someone smuggled a bunch past in the little shampoo bottles and somehow a large bottle of some shitty vodka. Was where I found my love of Spiced Rum and Baileys. We would hide it when parents came around like the edgy teens we were and had to share among like 7 people those shampoo bottles and no one really drank from the large vodka since someone basically just held it the whole time.
  13. greengreens1

    New Sonic game coming - it let's you make OC's

    Finally my OC edgehog can finally help sonic and have seduce him as well!