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  1. Kamina

    3 edgy 5 me

    Actually the 'Rebel flag' was never the officially adopted flag of the confederacy. I came across this video and thought you guys would find it funny that someone's trying to make a statement by burning a giant flag in what I assume is his own single player world, given that no creative server would leave mobs on.
  2. Kamina

    3 edgy 5 me

    Truly this man is a bad ass. We have found the epitome of edgy.
  3. Kamina


    If downwithteamavo was a 'king'... Kaceytron is a goddess! http://www.twitch.tv/kaceytron http://www.youtube.com/user/Kaceytron She steams herself playing WoW and LoL. Intentionally mispronouncing words and the chat just hurls insults, while she just plays it along. Every word is perfect! Its like watching magic!
  4. Kamina

    Showcase Your Client

    Sup! I just got around to updating my personal shitty client to 1.6.4 and added speed mine. I also comment-tagged out kill aura, because bugs. So as of my my full feature list is: Full Bright, X-ray (Works with smooth lighting on), Step, Nuke (aura), Speed mine, and No punkin blur. The coding for kill aura still exist in the client, I simply disabled the ability to turn it on. Yes, but MCP is only at 1.6.4
  5. Kamina

    Haven and Hearth

    Quick poll, does anyone here play Haven and hearth? For those who don't know what Haven and Hearth is, it is a wilderness survival/sandbox game. Its certainly not the game for care bares, it has perma-death and the entire map is pvp. Despite that playing peacefully versus being a raider is remarkably balanced. There are several ways to protect yourself as well as several ways to bypass that protection. Overall playing warfully is more expensive than playing peacefully but neither style holds a distinct advantage, which is remarkable for a sandbox game, I think. Game play is a bit like a multi-player Don't Starve. You are dropped into the would with nothing, literally nothing but a set of cloth. You start from complete scratch collecting sticks and branches to build leantos and crude axes. Totally worth checking out, as the world was restarted about a week or so ago. www.havenandhearth.com/ There is a modified client for this game, by the way. I'll leave that to you if you feel like looking for it.
  6. Right on! Anyone who attacks the efficiency of bots is ok by me! Too fucking lazy to play a game? Rather smear shit all over its economy by botting? Why? Are your fingers too fat to press buttons? If bots still take over the game? Well then at the very least WE can know that we do what we can to slow down bots. and anyone who did not troll bots will just have to wonder. "What if I had tried as hard as him?" I like this!
  7. Kamina

    Showcase Your Client

    lol for 900$ I'd let you have the jar, the source code, and the account XD
  8. Kamina

    Hello World!....(Again)

    It's been great! I've completed 'Heart of the Swarm' and I have quite a bit saved up for a car despite having bought a 3DS. I make plenty of hours at work and I'm looking forward to Starbound. As for Warsoul, all scares are healed. I'm even in the banner now. Nath is actually the one who helped me cheat on the Bro-hoof test XD They figured out I cheated and banned me >.< and that was two days after a 135$ donation by me. Needless to say I submitted a fraud claim to pay pal and got my money back. I swear Bro-hoof discords their admins. PS: Now, why am I back now? Well I had a inkling to check AVO's channel. Read though a few comments and someone claimed that Storm had said something humorous regarding the current state of Minecraft griefng, I wanted to find this comment but I saw the showcase your client thread and couldn't resist :D I thought about showing it when I made it but I thought 'meh its not that great'
  9. Kamina

    Hello World!....(Again)

    Well the Minecraft answer is Private modded NEaB servers, the game my client is inspired by. Followed by being banned across all three of my accounts on Brohoof because I cheated at the build test. Lastly I've been playing Paulsoarsjr's server, Punchwood, on which I am proudly white listed. I've taught myself how to code basic hacks and even more basic forge mods. In other news I've been pwning my friends at Starcraft II and been getting pwned in Haven and Harth. I don't really like the later game but they really wanted me to join them. As far as IRL goes, I'm saving up for a car but I was recently set back because I was forced to buy a 3Ds because I wanted the new Animal Crossing XD
  10. Kamina

    Showcase Your Client

    oh oh pick me ! pick me! I coded a shitty client! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTbZX4llDlI&feature=youtu.be
  11. Kamina

    Bye forever.

    I here by denounce the name 'Kamina' and anything tied to it, relinquishing all accomplishments in that wake.
  12. Kamina

    First Pokemon starter?

    Bulbasaur, because he's #1! Grass starters seem to always be listed first in the pokedex so I always choose grass! Oh that was in Blue version, btw.
  13. Kamina

    What is your Favorite game on pc? [Top 5 games]

    5: Stress cure. A fun little desktop game that lets you shoot at your screen, hit it with a hammer, ect. 4: Realm of the mad god. So simple, yet so fun. Reminds me a lot of gauntlet. 3: Starcraft/2/boodwar. Starcraft became something of a standard for RTS games, remaining as one of the best for years after its release. Two may have a few balance kinks to work out but hey so did the original at first. 2: Minecraft. Build, adventure, PvP, greif or Roleplay! The very nature of this game encourages creativity! Also with so many mods and plugins (not to mention spout) there is pretty much endless hours of content! 1: RuneScape. (I use the Jagax RS client so it counts) I made an account like 8 years ago. I play off and on for weeks, some times months at a time. This is the game that I have always come back to.
  14. Kamina

    [Warning] Nocheat+ may be implemented into Essentials

    I happen to have a Cruse account (Most of you probably do because it uses your MC Forums login.) I also voted no and left a comment. My experience with NCP is this: It works well if the server had NO LAG what so ever! If, however, the server is NOT being hosted by one of NASA's computers then it randomly snaps you back every 10 minutes for no reason. Heck I once died on a server from NCP snapping me back under water so much that I couldn't even swim out.
  15. Kamina

    Worst aspect of Minecraft?