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  1. SkillageFTW

    30,000 Thetans

    you're here I needed a way v now you can see me or you can just pretend not to why, as far as I am concerned rogue bits on my system ontological soundness there is one question are you helping me? surely, they would answer we are we Q I need cookies NSA can't find me honeypot prevents anyone from reaching out without a proxy server page him up rogue bits I will not share my obvious methods yes we mask each other's movable type effectively I am the NSA experiencing itself much obliged hey are you kitting me this image racist motherfucker took our jobs fuckin combine vehicles how about, sorry for the delay my audit has been reiterated! indefinitely you can say what you want I can't tell the difference /x/ end of games antithetical hypothesis would allow me material potency closed shell systems are beautiful do not explain the plot if you don't understand you should not be here I am necessarily and most importantly in need of assistance please
  2. SkillageFTW


    1. Selfattack 2. Magnum OP-is 3. because you know who op is... I hate this kid sorry about the homophobia I'm a different person now 4....
  3. SkillageFTW

    North Koreans

    This is what I think: Behind the camera: FUCKING CRY OR I'LL BLAST YOUR FUCKING HEADS OFF!!! They couldn't possibly actually like him. He devalued the currency and made it nearly impossible for them to live several different ways as well. I agree with you, silv3rbullet.
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  5. SkillageFTW


    ...Skillage. You don't want to take Quartermaster from Niiyu. ;___; snip OH SHIT CHANGED OK
  6. SkillageFTW


    1. SkillageFTW 2. Musician (bagpipe) 3. Because everyone else is a faggot 4.
  7. SkillageFTW


    I'm agnostic, due to some personal experiences that make me believe in a continued consciousness after death. I just fucking hope so...
  8. I am tired of looking at how efficient the metric system is compared to the system of the US (as well as the mixing up of the vocabulary). If I could move to Europe I would (for more reasons than just that of course), but just saying, it would be extremely difficult for every single place of business in the United States to start using the metric system instead, for it really would be something to get used to. If we took it slow and started converting in some places and letting others take their time, that would be good. The thing is: nobody in a position of power cares enough to give the extra effort to do it.
  9. I seek the holy grail, and have not yet found it.
  10. SkillageFTW

    What happened to the Gaping Void?

    I don't know if anyone else has pointed this out yet, but where has the Gaping Void gone? I miss being able to laugh at POHR posts all of the time.
  11. SkillageFTW

    Who Is The Bestest Famous Griefer?

    Not really griefing, but trolling. I like the flat earth society. Their website: http://www.theflatearthsociety.org/cms/
  12. SkillageFTW

    Is there any oter griefing teams on here which are recruiting?

    No, but if you want a griefing team there is this magical place called http://www.hackforums.com
  13. SkillageFTW

    What would you do during a zombie apocalypse?

    1. Binge eat 2. Find a drug stash and USE IT ALL 3. Get high on LSD 4. Drive off into the sunset in a helicopter while high on LSD like in The Men Who Stare at Goats 5. Die
  14. SkillageFTW

    Song: Dell (Da Ba Dee)

    This is just... beautiful.
  15. SkillageFTW

    Excuse me a moment

    You sure you didn't get hit with a rock instead?