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    Live Music

    SO LADIES AND GENTS! Fuckin... live concerts right? They're awesome and great because you get to meet thousands of people with the same musical taste and as an added bonus, you get to see the very people who created this beloved music of yours. So! back a couple days on the 9th, I saw Death Angel, Anthrax and Slayer over in Cleveland. Awesome show, got tickets for the pit and was not disappointed. I got a few videos, unfortunately, i wish I had something better than my I-potato-touch because, despite the name, it apparently hates being touched when recording. So Death Angel started out and the video i took came out so shitty that... Im not posting them, which sucks because they killed it (for a relatively small set too...) After them was Anthrax, then Slayer. So if you can deal with potato quality, here is a few clips. Oh... and for the sake of the thread, lets hear some Concert stories/ see some live shows. Fuckin.. SLAYER Also... I should point out, its damn near impossible to record video while up front at a Slayer show.
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    Live Music

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    Live Music

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    Live Music

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    Hello World

    Hello, Im here sometimes, just to shit post all the concerts ive been at, which... im under no illusion that anyone is actually watching them (if you are, kudos, thanks) I still play Mechwarrior Online... but PGI is fucking that game up to an extent that just on steam, theres only 500 active players.... and falling.... anyway... I tried Fortnite and didnt find it my cup of tea, or any battle royale style game. Edit: For Honor because it was free on Steam not too long ago
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    Live Music

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    Live Music

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    Live Music

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    Live Music

    That they do. AND.... they're doing another US tour in 2018. First day will be here in Cleveland, playing "Winter's Gate" in full.
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    Live Music

    Hilarious, at this Midnight show, I watched a dude stage dive, the crowd only caught his feet though. He went head first into the hard tile ground, felt him hit the ground through the thumping of the music and he knocked himself out for a solid 45 seconds. People dragged him to his feet and he finally came to, though obviously, dazed.
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    Live Music

    GUYS!!!! FUCKING GOJIRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Live Music

    If you guys haven't, check out Insomnium, the entire atmosphere they created with their set was nothing short of incredible!
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    Live Music

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    Where are you now in relation to when you joined the forum

    When I joined, i was a introverted guy who didnt go outside, Now? Little less introvert, still weird and currently, very appalled by what I thought would be cool/funny/useful to say here back when I first joined. this whole thread = everyone realizing we were cringy as fuck with our shitposting (at least... thats how im seeing it)
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    Payday 2

    Hey there junior badass! Do you like robbing banks, killing Russians, cooking meth and performing complex and difficult tasks for the lowliest scum of the criminal underworld!? Then why the fuck are you on the internet? Instead, play Payday 2! What?: Payday 2 Steam?: Yes, yes indeed Cost: Free to play and/or $5.00 for the Steam summer sale (normal price is.... what? $15.00?) DLC: on sale, some as low as $0.74 (Excluding a character that was just released) So Payday 2 is basically what you can guess from the name; a FPS that revolves around you or a crew of 4 people who pull of heists around a fictional city. when you enter the game, you can choose from a set of characters, choose your weapons and proceed to rob banks, etc etc. After gaining some money, you can modify your weapons with different barrels, silencers (for stealth missions) extended mags, different stocks, upper/lower receivers (weapon depending) and ammo type (Shotgun only) On top of weapon customization, you can also unlock masks which you can then customize with different color schemes, looks and material type. Like most games, to stay fresh, Overkill studios is constantly adding character packs, weapon packs and new missions to the game to ensure more content to play. These packs arent limited to something their writers came up with, the have a few missions based off the movie, Point Break, and they also do mashups with other creators such as the additions of the Goat Simulator heist and the Hotline Miami missions. They also did a collaboration with DJ Alesso where you rob the DJ while he holds a concert. Characters are added frequently too. The most recent addition was "Rust", the character based off of Clay from Sons Of Anarchy. They even got Ron Perlman to to voice him!! (And be the actual character model) (too bad you cant get his baller ass gold shoes from Pacific Rim) Not only Ron Perlman, but they got Keanu Reeves to reprise his role as the total fucking Badass; John Wick! Gameplay: Plays just like every other FPS game out there, point, click, reload, repeat. However i dont think all the fowl mouthed 10 year olds have migrated from COD or Battlefield with the exception being now since its temporarily Free to play. (we have some... but its manageable) The most interesting thing about each heist is; Lets say for example, you do a bank heist, Where the vault is located will differ, along with security rooms, which NPC has mission critical items, locations of packages (explain later) and the amount of loot will differ from mission to mission. So that bank example? you might crack the vault and get a whole table full of gold bars, or a whole pile of cash, only to play the mission up again and get what is essential table scraps. Luck of the draw and missions that appear the same, having differences keeps it interesting in my view. Music: The music is pretty much electronica (I use that blanket term because of my ignorance of the sub genres of music it encompasses) which, despite being a metal head, i can dig actually. I may be wrong but im lead to believe that the composer for all the music is one Simon Viklund. As you progress through missions or Days (a string of missions with one large payout) you'll get cash, experience and safe's. Safe's are... well, safes, but they have a weapon inside that has a unique skin and some may have modifications already installed. When you open the safe and wheel will spin which determines what weapon you get and that weapon can be anywhere from "common" to "ultra rare". Now, you can use that weapon or sell it on the steam market. One thing they did with safes was they did away with the annoyance of needing to find a drill to open the safe. You used to have to get a drill and safe combo to gain a weapon, now its just safes. The Packages i mentioned earlier are called "Gage Courier Packages". Gage is the faceless arms dealer in Payday 2 and if you find any packages around the missions, you pick them up and after picking up a certain amount, you get new weapon mods. All in all, its a pretty fun game to play, I cant really think of many negatives other than usual random game crashes, bugs and everyone's favorite gripe; Micro-transactions. I know some players of the first one argue that the Death Wish difficulty level is much easier than it was in PD 1, but its pretty damn hard in my opinion. So whatcha waiting for!? Come join the fun! Play it for free while the Summer sale is on and if you like it, buy it for $5.00 with stupidly cheap DLC's before July 4th!
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    say something nice about the person above you's avatar

    Everybody likes a doggo
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    Live Music

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    I thought we already said nobody gives a fuck about rep??
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    Live Music

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    Movies you thought were really cool

    How did I forget about this gem from New Zealand?
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    Original/ Cover artists

    Ever since music has been made, people have either covered it to pay homage to to the original or to give their own spin on it. Others strike out and make their own original content, and so, since we all have a love for music and its many, MANY genres, post up your favorite cover or original contributors you've come across on youtube. FIRST UP!!! She's relatively new (5 months ago was her first video) and... its still taking me a bit to fully digest her get-up, but the guitar work is solid. Everyone should know Erock by now, this guy is freakin amazing!! The Harp twins. Good stuff and an interesting take on favorite metal songs