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  1. Live Music

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  3. Live Music

    That they do. AND.... they're doing another US tour in 2018. First day will be here in Cleveland, playing "Winter's Gate" in full.
  4. Live Music

    Hilarious, at this Midnight show, I watched a dude stage dive, the crowd only caught his feet though. He went head first into the hard tile ground, felt him hit the ground through the thumping of the music and he knocked himself out for a solid 45 seconds. People dragged him to his feet and he finally came to, though obviously, dazed.
  5. Live Music

    GUYS!!!! FUCKING GOJIRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Live Music

    If you guys haven't, check out Insomnium, the entire atmosphere they created with their set was nothing short of incredible!
  7. Live Music

  8. Where are you now in relation to when you joined the forum

    When I joined, i was a introverted guy who didnt go outside, Now? Little less introvert, still weird and currently, very appalled by what I thought would be cool/funny/useful to say here back when I first joined. this whole thread = everyone realizing we were cringy as fuck with our shitposting (at least... thats how im seeing it)
  9. say something nice about the person above you's avatar

    Everybody likes a doggo
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  11. Reputation

    I thought we already said nobody gives a fuck about rep??
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