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  1. Lynx OGrady

    Live Music

    I drove all the way to Chicago for this one. Was a nice 6hr road trip, but it was fucking worth it in my opinion!!!
  2. Lynx OGrady

    Live Music

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    Live Music

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    Live Music

  5. Lynx OGrady

    Hello World

    Hello, Im here sometimes, just to shit post all the concerts ive been at, which... im under no illusion that anyone is actually watching them (if you are, kudos, thanks) I still play Mechwarrior Online... but PGI is fucking that game up to an extent that just on steam, theres only 500 active players.... and falling.... anyway... I tried Fortnite and didnt find it my cup of tea, or any battle royale style game. Edit: For Honor because it was free on Steam not too long ago
  6. Lynx OGrady

    Live Music

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    Live Music

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    Live Music

  9. Lynx OGrady

    Live Music

    That they do. AND.... they're doing another US tour in 2018. First day will be here in Cleveland, playing "Winter's Gate" in full.
  10. Lynx OGrady

    Live Music

    Hilarious, at this Midnight show, I watched a dude stage dive, the crowd only caught his feet though. He went head first into the hard tile ground, felt him hit the ground through the thumping of the music and he knocked himself out for a solid 45 seconds. People dragged him to his feet and he finally came to, though obviously, dazed.
  11. Lynx OGrady

    Live Music

    GUYS!!!! FUCKING GOJIRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Lynx OGrady

    Live Music

    If you guys haven't, check out Insomnium, the entire atmosphere they created with their set was nothing short of incredible!
  13. Lynx OGrady

    Live Music