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  1. zebser

    Embarrassing Childhood Stories

    When I was in 3rd grade, my parents thought I ran away from school because I tried to walk home from school after it ended. My mom was waiting to pick me up after school for thirty minutes. I lucked out super hard and met an old woman who let me use her house phone, I was struggling to remember my mom's phone number. ( It was on a piece of paper the school gave me that was in my backpack.)
  2. zebser

    The Alcohol Thread

    I turned 21 last month and this is my favorite.
  3. zebser

    Battlefield 1

    Maybe it will come full circle, and in a few years we can bitch about all the WW2 shooters coming out again.
  4. zebser


    Blasting through JoJo's Bizarre Adventure before I get on part 4. Jesus, why didn't I watch this earlier?
  5. zebser

    Anime character that relates to you?

    Step your game up.
  6. zebser


    Monster Musume anime is begin.
  7. zebser

    Zeekill is kill.

    RIP in peeps.
  8. zebser

    i started a forum

    No me I'm the best admin.
  9. zebser

    The Ferguson Riots

  10. zebser

    Literature Thread

    JAAAAAM! I've been reading and re-reading it, along with Who Censored Roger Rabbit?.
  11. zebser


    Pray vidreo gayms
  12. zebser

    Faces of Avolition Thread

    I am become potato. I also found some pictures I totally forgot I had.