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  1. Nessosin

    What time do you go to bed?

    Usually like 9:30 - 10:00 PM.
  2. Nessosin

    Super Smash Bros. Melee

    I used to play all the time when it came out. Samus #1 for sure. Marth was my second favorite. Haven't played in years though, I don't have anyone around that will play it any more.
  3. Nessosin

    what was your first experience with alcohol?

    My first real time drinking was when I was 18 my first weekend of college. I was playing Mario Kart in one of my new friends' room and was handed a Natural Light beer. After that I had some Captain Morgan knock off from a plastic jug. It was all pretty bad tasting, but fun. My first actual drink was when I was 16 at Buffalo Wild Wings and our waiter was quitting that day and brought me and 3 of my friends shots.
  4. Nessosin

    political compass

    I'm usually more right in the center on these things, I'm kind of surprised and how left it put me Your Political Compass Economic Left/Right: -2.25 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.13
  5. Nessosin

    Second Presidential Debate

    I did not think Trump won, or sounded stronger. To me it looked like he was spiraling out of control and came across as childish with how often he interrupted Clinton. Neither of them did well, but I think Clinton came out of it looking better than him.
  6. My first choice was carverITup but I thought it would get too confusing.
  7. Nessosin

    Channel screenshot from February 2011

    I'm impressed you saved that for 5 and a half years.
  8. Nessosin

    Test Taking Strategy

    Be in the same state of mind when you take the test as when you studied the material. So if you study drunk, make sure you are drunk when you take the test.
  9. Nessosin

    Let's Talk Relationships (Semi NSFW?)

    In a 3 year long relationship and getting married in 3 months. Here are some of my tips that have worked for us so far to make our relationship stronger and keep us close. Do nice things for the person you are with just for the sake of being nice to them. Say "I love you" every single day. Even when (or especially when) you are upset with the other person. Do something you don't want to do, because they want to do it sometimes. Explore new sexual activities together. Explore new non-sexual activities together. Actually talk to each other during meals. Cook together. Find hobbies to do together, but also maintain separate hobbies for time alone.
  10. Nessosin

    Classic rock bands?

    There's a a disturbing lack of the Doors and Queen in this thread. (as far as classic goes, I cannot speak for heavy metal)
  11. Nessosin

    Pokemon Go

    As far as actual gameplay yeah, it's pretty bad. But it made for a fun weekend to walk around and pretend there are pokemon in the streets and lawns. I'm level 10 team valor. Got a pretty strong hypno because our downtown is on top of a drowzee nest.
  12. Nessosin

    Good funny shows?

    If you have access to HBO, I think VEEP is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. I've watched most of what's in this thread and agree. Parks and Rec and Arrested Development for sure, earlier Modern Family is best. I'm going to add both Blackadder series 2-4 and the IT Crowd as well which are available on Netflix.
  13. Nessosin


    Welcome back, good to see you. I feel bad that I didn't realize you hadn't been around lately :(.
  14. Nessosin

    The Alcohol Thread

    My favorite ever is Stone Russian Imperial stout but I only see it at the store about once per year. I'll look for Old Rasputin and see how it compares.