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  1. AnalAvenger

    Relationship Advice.

    Relatable af. I'm trying to figure the same thing out, man. Almost 2 years, but I haven't truthfully felt anything for her since about 8 months. I (as close as an 18yr old can get, anyway) love her but I'm not in love with her. </cliche> Broke up with her but she wanted to "stay friends (w/ benefits)." I tried to smash her sister (only a year younger, not quite as big of a gap as your case obviously), got rejected, got back with her. Honestly, it's been a few weeks, and I already regret giving in to my temporary emotions. If you're like me, your long-term feelings aren't going to change. You're going to come to resent her at no fault of her own. You're going to want to be single more and more as time passes. My plan is to break up with her as soon as this year ends. I'll be going to college, and it'll be easy to just drift apart. I'm projecting like a motherfucker, but I'm posting my situation to hopefully give you some insight from somebody who's been feeling that way for a while. In the end, I think you should do what you decide is right. Is it worth throwing something good away for the chance to get something better? also please fix your formatting holy god my eyes
  2. Literally who? Just joking. RIP
  3. AnalAvenger

    Hi i was here in 2011

    I remember you. Goddamn, 2011 feels like forever ago. I was just a faggot little kid. Thankfully, I've grown up into a respectable young faggot. I'm Easy_Money470, if that rings a bell.
  4. AnalAvenger

    Obligatory Show us your Ride(s) thread

    I drive a 2009 Jeep Compass. 1.8L 4-cyl, automatic trans. I honestly don't know why the Jeep badge is on it, it's honestly pretty shit. It's a half-assed car mixed with a half-assed SUV, which means it sucks at being either one. Not too bad on gas, though. I'm hoping to trade it in as a down payment on either a 2006 Charger or a 2005 Mustang sometime in the near future.
  5. AnalAvenger

    The Time, man, where did it go?

    No, I accidentally have this as my name because I forgot to change it back before my Subscriber ended. My original name was arguable worse: Easy_Money470. EDIT: Holy shit, I just realised that I posted this on my 5 year anniversary. Goddamn, dude.
  6. AnalAvenger

    The Time, man, where did it go?

    I feel the exact same way, despite the fact that I'm only 16. It's pretty rough, especially when you come to the realization that one day, this site will close. I'm not sure what the fuck I'll do when it does. I barely ever even post, but it's still such a staple of my activities on the internet.
  7. I think that this is how I'll attempt it. Could you point me in the direction of any C# learning materials? Since I have no actual programming experience as of yet, so I'm basically asking for a "codingpreschool.com" here.
  8. So, for my FBLA competition this year, I decided to do a most likely straight-to-nationals event, because nobody really knows how to do it until you get to the National level. The event I chose is called "Coding and Programming", formerly "Desktop Application Development". I'm not really experienced at programming in any way, but I have up until February to design this program: Coding & Programming- Develop a database program to manage the general operations of a Family Entertainment Center (FEC). Give the FEC a name. The program must allow the user to compete at minimum the following tasks: 1. Enter/view/edit a list of employees. 2. Create/edit a weekly work schedule for employees 3. Generate/print weekly schedule reports 4. Enter attendance of customers 5. Enter/track, generate, and print report(s) showing customer attendance by time of day (AM/PM) and day of week. What would be the best language to start learning for these purposes?
  9. AnalAvenger

    How dangerous is this?

    So, two weeks into the summer, I woke up to find that my PC's power supply had failed. I've been without a computer all summer, which is a relatively big thing if you know me. However, tonight, I was moving a shelf to clear out space for a new desk to fit in my room. On the shelf, I found my first PSU that I replaced because it wasn't a very reputable unit. On a whim, I decided to try putting it back into my rig to see if it worked. The only issue I had plugging it up was that some of the cables wouldn't reach, or wouldn't fit properly. I decided to take matters into my own hands, and simply built the computer with the PSU on the outside. I present to you, a genuine fire hazard. My question is, how likely is this to explode? The main reason I ask is because I had to use two adapters just to supply my 390X. I had to use a 6-to-8pin adapter for one, as well as a Molex-to-6pin for the other connector. This is only a temporary setup which should only be used for two weeks or so. The PSU is a CoolMax something or other. EDIT: Fixed the text being transparent for some ungodly reason.
  10. AnalAvenger

    Gym/Physique/Exercise Thread

    I'm a fatfuck teenager (260lbs, 28-30%BF, 6'0), and I've been lifting for two years in October. When I first started, I was super serious about my routine and shit. My bench went from 45lb 5RM to 135lb 5RM in just about 6-7 months. Cerebral palsy's been a bitch at letting me work my legs seriously, the best stats I have for them are 215 1RM squat and 285 1RM deadlift. I've been really bad at going to the gym since May, but I'm hoping to remedy that now that school's starting and it'll be easier for me to get into the routine of things. Currently at 225 bench, 1-2 reps depending on the day. I just squat 115-135 and deadlift 205 for my legs since they've been acting like cunts recently. I'm working on bringing my mile time down, currently at 12:45 average.
  11. AnalAvenger

    Embarrassing Childhood Stories

    All of you older people and your years-past stories. DISCLAIMER: I'm no longer interested in Minecraft or My Little Pony. My autism has mellowed down into being a complete computer geek and math nerd. I'm only 16. My embarrassing story takes place between 4-5 short years ago. As many of you oldfags may remember, I was more or less autistic from 2011-2013. This story is about the time a poem I wrote about Minecraft, accompanied by an irrelevant picture of Rainbow Dash, was printed in a book that my 5th/6th grade teacher had the whole class contribute to. Basically, I was that kid who got into the internet at a young age, during my super impressionable years. I made friends with a few people on Minecraft servers, and some of them were into My Little Pony. I wanted to fit in with them, so I came the fuck out and became really into the show. So much so that I bought a t-shirt featuring my favorite character, Rainbow Dash. I had so much pride in owning that goddamn shirt that I wore the damn thing to school at least once a week. So, it so happened that I wore this shirt on the day before the deadline to turn everything made for the book in for a grade. I had been putting the whole thing off for two weeks, which meant I had to rush to finish it. Because I'm barely capable of writing my name, I was having a fair bit of trouble trying to draw something to match one of the two haikus I threw together; one about My Little Pony, and one about Minecraft. I wasn't sure which one I was going to turn in, because I was having issues drawing something related to either one. I know it already seems pretty bad, but oh boy does it get worse: a girl in the class, who finished her materials days in advance, offered to draw something for me. She ended up drawing the picture from my shirt, and it was supposed to be printed with the My Little Pony poem. Apparently, I turned in the wrong one because when the book came out, it was the My Little Pony picture paired with the Minecraft haiku. To this day, that book is in my old English teacher's room. I may kill myself if anybody ever finds it. I'd like to just forget everything up until I turned 14. EDIT: Apparently "sperg ed" is filtered to "came"?
  12. AnalAvenger


    So, last Friday I went to a Bullet For My Valentine & Asking Alexandria concert. I got into my first circle pit, and loved it because people just bounced off me. It was pretty fucking awesome, and it really got me into a lot more of their music. I would be going to a Slipknot, Of Mice & Men, and Marilyn Manson concert this June, but both the Nashville and Atlanta shows are during FBLA Nationals.
  13. AnalAvenger

    Greetings! .w.

    How long did Homestuck turn out to be? I started reading it for a while but just got caught up in other things and it just kinda fell off my map.
  14. AnalAvenger

    The Culling?

    1v1, took the guy down to <5hp, missed the throw of my pipe wrench. Punched him to death. 10/10
  15. AnalAvenger

    Which should I read first?

    Ender's Game. or Ender's Shadow. Anything in that franchise honestly :^)