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  1. The black stove prop on the first page of default props, if you spawn about 10-40 inside of each other, they will crash nearly ANY server. The prop is highly detailed, and has a lot of collision boundaries, and when spawned enough inside eachother, the server is overwhelmed with them and the collision boundaries increase exponentially as you spawn more. WAY TO FIX THIS: Put a limit of spawning the same prop to 3 every second I haven't seen people on any server using this exploit, and I'm not sure if I'm the only person who's known about this for a while, but it should really be fixed.
  2. Flipybitz

    Skype Conversations [Slightly NSFW] - Post yours!

    Playing CS:S While talking: Gustopher: I know people who have gone 4+ days w/o sleep Flipybitz: not at all Flipybitz: wow Flipybitz: what a bunch of showoff faggots Flipybitz: fuck them in their gay ass hole Flipybitz: ok Flipybitz: sorry Flipybitz: i died Flipybitz: HOLY MOTHER OF HORSE COCK Flipybitz: THIS FUCKING NIGGER IS A PIECE OF INDIAN HORSE SHIT Flipybitz: THIS MOTHER FUCKER IS AN ASIAN WALKING BALLSACK Flipybitz: HOLY FUCK HE IS THE HOLY OF HOLY OF SHIT FUCKS IN THE WORLD OF ALL HOLY DICKS Flipybitz: MOTHER OF ALL HOLY FUCK SHIT Flipybitz: sorry Flipybitz: i died again Flipybitz: and i am as calm as a FUCKING APE IN THE FUCKING CIRCUS JACKING OFF CLOWNS FOR FREE PENUTS TO SHOVE IN MY FUCKING COCK HOLE Flipybitz: sorry i died again again Flipybitz: ill stop now
  3. Flipybitz

    Your thoughts on Gays

    Let gay people be gay, I don't give a shit what they are as long as they aren't murdering psychopaths who want to murder or rape everyone.
  4. Flipybitz

    Goodnight, Sweet Prince.

    Rest in peace friend. You won't be forgotten.
  5. Flipybitz


    Hmm... pick-up lines... Well you could always drop a few lines and pick em up and there ya go, dunno how that's complicated... EDIT: Cheesy pickup lines, got it. Are you a slice of cheese? Because I want to fuck you. Cheesy enough?
  6. Flipybitz

    Welcome to the Salty Spitoon, how tough are ya?

    I'm so tough, I taught my friend how to open a jar. ...Without any milk?
  7. Flipybitz

    What is your Minecraft skin?

    Sacrilegious :DDD
  8. Flipybitz

    Computer Illiteracy Thread

    Google Chrome isn't bad, it doesn't take up 10 inches on your monitor for just the advertisements installed on it, it's small, simple, and it's NOT slow... Firefox is filled to the ass rim with useless plugins which makes it lag, and Internet Explorer? Do I even have to explain? tldr; Google chrome is better and always will be.
  9. Flipybitz

    Photoshop Contest - Storm_Surge

    It's magnificent I tell you! <3 Also
  10. Flipybitz

    Removed Herobrine.

    Thread officially laid to rest. The entire conspiracy settled permanently.
  11. Flipybitz

    Removed Herobrine.

    I decompiled the .jars from alpha 1.2.1_01 to current looking for any human mob model in the game that resembles herobrine, and none found so far. Herobrine does not exist, and if he did/does then it's just Notch trolling us for fun. I actually hope notch does add some sort of omniscient character to the game, it would be quite fun.
  12. Flipybitz

    Ice Cream Capes

    Needs border of some sort, otherwise it's beautiful...
  13. Flipybitz

    Most Exciting Moment?

    Griefing with Team ayevoh Kidding, probably would be when the height of minecraft was increased, INTENSE SKY DIVING!!!
  14. Flipybitz

    Removed Herobrine.

    Until then, you're argument is bullshit. Like I said, the origin of the entire thing is from a minecraft livestream called Ghost in the Stream started by Copeeland (Yes, 2 e's). If it was in the game afterwards, that was purely notch humoring us for fun, by no means was he serious or suggesting the original purpose of herobrine was true. Currently downloading Minecraft alpha 1.2.4 and hopefully going to decompile and look for any evidence in the code. EDIT: As a matter of fact, I just downloaded all the .jars from indev to current using a program called MC Nostalgia. Will be viewing code later looking for anything suspicious
  15. Flipybitz

    Removed Herobrine.

    Cope started the meme, his friends decided to write the creepypasta on it because they were so entertained from people's reactions on it.