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  1. Watcher7

    Hey there

    i miss u
  2. Watcher7

    WoW Legion

    Current computer can't run anything after MoP, but if Legion turns out to be decent I may bother upgrading. I saw Warmane mentioned in this thread so if anyone plays on Icecrown hit me up with a PM and we can get in touch.
  3. Watcher7

    Nostalrius / Vanilla WoW shitshow

    Blizzard shutting down Nostalrius generated some negative PR and caused a sort of Streisand effect. I've observed both Nostalrius players and non-Nostalrius players on various sites make comments about canceling pre-orders and subscriptions to Blizzard games. I have no actual numbers to look at because Blizzard stopped publicly reporting subscriber numbers near the end of last year, but my gut currently tells me that the damage done by this event was relatively minor when compared to the damage done by content starvation. I'd love to see official legacy servers, but Blizzard has a new expansion coming out soon. They're not likely to acknowledge the petition or change their stance until some time after their latest expansion hits stores. Making an official statement so close to release could potentially damage sales.
  4. Watcher7

    (Almost) Four Year Retrospective

    Love you.
  5. Watcher7

    Python Pointers?

    def sum(l): if l: return l[0] + sum(l[1:]) else: return 0 Just stop calling the function when a condition is met. Most of the time a situation like this should be handled with a loop instead of recursion. There are only a few cases where it makes sense to use recursion in Python (and this example isn't one of them), so don't worry if it's confusing right now. There are actually a few languages (ex: Haskell) that lack loops entirely and use recursion to accomplish similar actions, but these languages are specially designed to do so without running into a stack overflow. If these edits don't stop nuking my indents I'm going to kill someone.
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  7. Watcher7

    Poisoned Server

    i'm gay
  8. Watcher7

    I wrote a review for Mount & Blade: Warband!

    A couple of mods that people who pick up this game should try out: Brytenwalda (http://forums.talewo...c,281277.0.html) A mod set in 7th century Britain, attempts to be somewhat historically accurate. Pretty stable. Adds much needed nerfs to archery and other skills, entirely new troop trees, an entirely new map, naval battles, religion, the ability enlist in someone's army rather than form your own, and more. -- Sword of Damocles: Warlords (http://forums.talewo...c,157972.0.html) An 'expansion' to a Mount and Blade mod called Sword of Damocles. Still in testing and unbalanced. Adds new troop types, new weapons/armour, the ability to pass laws when becoming a king, a new larger map, religion, more interaction options between you and NPCs, and more.
  9. Watcher7


    you're cute
  10. They don't kek softly because of things like http://torrentfreak....ng-law-120105/
  11. Watcher7

    what ethnicity do you find most attractive?

    females: white (European, I dig the facial features), Asian, Latina males: middle eastern, white, some Asians
  12. Watcher7

    April fools '14

  13. Watcher7

    Interference with cops?

    If I remember correctly you actually don't need permission to film police like that, they're both public workers with a position of trust and in a public area, they have no reasonable expectation of privacy.
  14. Great, now some group with their own agenda will try to replace the current government and either wreck everything or actually do a decent job (hopefully the latter).