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  1. A Vagrant

    Someone cure my boredness

    I'm sorry, I haven't been on this forum in like a year. You're a fucking idiot. Don't do any of this shit, these are all dumb and unfun highs. You're a fucking moron. Just go outside and throw rocks at trains. ACTUALLY EDIT: Have you even done half of this stuff? This reads like a 14 year old who read Wikipedia. I know this because I was a fake druggie 14 year old.
  2. A Vagrant

    (Almost) Four Year Retrospective

    Glad to see these forums haven't changed.
  3. A Vagrant

    Happy Birthday Azathoth!

    One step closer to legal alcoholism!
  4. A Vagrant

    Sort of Delivering on an Old, Old Promise

    The debt is absolved.
  5. A Vagrant

    GTA 5 Snaps

  6. A Vagrant

    What are your favorite songs in video games?

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a fun game to play and it has an awesome soundtrack to boot. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5F286D0D14A5E1B0&app=desktop
  7. A Vagrant

    Hey all, I'm Syrint

    Welcome. Hope you stay for awhile.
  8. A Vagrant

    I just want you all to bask in my badassness

    Yeah, you wouldn't say what you couldn't.
  9. http://www.twitch.tv/twitchplayspokemon/b/503249758?t=7h30m They've managed to beat four gym leaders already. This is one of those special things that comes along once in someone's lifetime.
  10. A Vagrant

    New Years Resolutions

    Body: Eat less shit. I mean, it's not like it affects me all that much with my activity level, but it'd be nice to have more apparent abdominal muscles. Run more. Mind: Get better at cooking shit that isn't buttered minute rice. Learn Gaelic probably.
  11. "Who doesn't need to twist my nipples?" -Carver
  12. A Vagrant

    Happy New Year!

    Silly Jordan, it's not a new year until it's a new year in America.
  13. A Vagrant

    DayZ help?

    No problem.
  14. A Vagrant

    Kryskmas 2013

    Carver: Looking more like my dad every day.
  15. A Vagrant

    DayZ help?

    The DayZ that's 29.99 is a standalone, so just buy it. No need for Arma 2. Buy Arma 2 because it's fun.