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  1. Life's good here, the "staying in college so I don't have to face the real world" strategy is going strong...


    I guess I just wish that I had the guts to be a real full adult right now. Kind of sucks being stuck trying to finish my degree with mediocre grades here and there.

  2. Hey, I'll try to keep this short.



    Many of you are probably aware of the drama that's been unfolding on the IRC and ts lately, the short version is that one night I while I was a bit drunk I made some inappropriate comments towards ajvpot on the teamspeak. This has lead to widespread speculation that I am in fact homosexual and attracted to ajvpot.


    I'll start by saying that the first part is in fact true, I am homosexual. I know this may come as a surprise to some, but it's something I've learned to accept and I hope that everyone else will do so too.


    The second part though? No way. I am already in a happy relationship, and not to be rude or anything but even if I wasn't I could definitely do better than ajv.



    I hope this clears some things up.




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