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  1. alphaalex

    we still active on the forums or nah

    damn i should have read this before posting an intro
  2. alphaalex

    Still active?

    Man that sucks. Were you actually hopeful? Like "I'm going to be a part of aVo!!!" Feelsbadman. Guess you'll never visit this place again so what's the use in even replying to you. pls no ban for necroing theres just no other active posts o3o.
  3. alphaalex

    The Post Your Desktop Thread

    This is a big yikes. also i deleted pictures of my passport&driving license, otherwise desktop would be completely filled up lmao
  4. alphaalex


    I felt nostalgic today so that's why I'm here. But I remember from viewing these forums ages ago one isn't allowed to discuss why they came here. They are looked down upon - if not explicitly anymore then surely at least they are in the minds of those who read these introductory threads. And to be fair, reading these must get boring. Surely they are all the same? There's probably been many threads like this one before, eh? I can't blame any antagonism. Apparently only a few people were online today. I wonder who reads this stuff? Judging from the last few threads, perhaps just dejordzta. That's OK I guess. Yea. Forums look pretty dead. I hope that's because of Discord. Discord seems to fade all forums away into nothingness. I don't have anything to say. I used to play a lot of Starcraft2 (Diamond 1/Masters 3 with random), but I can't be asked to play that now. Also I can't be asked to play CS:GO. I used to lowkey troll on some JB, surf and zombiesurvival servers with CS:GO- but mostly I just aimlessly jumped around on them whilst listening to Simpson wave and feeling miserable. Yea. I don't find these things enjoyable anymore. At the moment I play a lot of blitz chess because there isn't much else to do in my spare time at uni. I'm quickly growing bored with blitz chess. I sometimes zone out. I'm like a 2100 FIDE. That's basically someone who has spent considerable time in trying to get better at chess and has just ended up mediocre. Rarely do you find a 2100 who is in the process of getting better because usually such people shoot past 2100. I think my days will mostly be spent watching stupid shit on Youtube and feeling sorry for myself. Also, the reason there isn't anything to do is because it's just the start of Freshers week and I don't have any friends here. I frankly can't be fucked to make new friends. It's too much energy. I don't have any energy really to begin with. And ahaha, I think I've already started to ghost my old uni friends. Can't be asked to keep up with them. Besides, train tickets are too expensive to go visit any of them. ...and I feel too old to go out clubbing and all my current housemates are hermits like me it seems. I'm screwed. I'm good at clinging onto extroverts to make friends. But I haven't found any. So it goes. Also, I often wonder what the fuck am I doing with my life. I've had a great amount of dread the past few days. I've pretty much done a panic Masters. I've got no career prospects. I don't like thinking about the future. All I've really planned on doing is wasting more money by doing a PhD haha. I don't know if I'll frequent these forums. Also I don't want to do voicechat stuff because I'll get anxiety over my housemates hearing me. I'll probably get anxiety over it anyway to be honest. Not that anyone would want to hear me. I have nothing else to say. kthxbai or whatever people used to say. I don't know.