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    What’s up Gamers

    It’s a copypasta please don’t hate me oh god
  2. PupperWithAHat

    What’s up Gamers

    Age: 18 IQ: 187 Favourite video game: every Total War game (strategy games) Favourite music: Everything that isn't mainstream Favourite meme: Chemistry Cat Favourite TV show: Rick and Morty Debate winning record: 81-0 (Most recent was my chemistry professor) Don't add me if you play low IQ games like TF2, Civilization, CS. I despise people who have IQ lower than 165 which I believe is the required amount of IQ to play strategy games. Also if you just want to talk you must prove that you are in fact an intellectual. I don't share my knowledge with just anyone! You must be worthy If you are triggered because of my superior intelligence, put your comment down below so I can have a laugh at them someday.