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  1. xXOCsonicXx

    Server compromised and forum update

    why gentoo when you could be running tails linux?
  2. xXOCsonicXx

    Bypassing Minecraft Bans

    with that method i mentioned, the more people who you know the better, because each ip you route through and get banned you will have to find another if you want to continue to bypass, if your fortunate enough to not use comcast wifi then it dosent usually take too long to change ip whereas comcast can take a full day to ip change
  3. xXOCsonicXx

    Bypassing Minecraft Bans

    just gonna say it even tho its a dead topic, just learn how to make traffic route trough a friends ip, pretty much the vpn method but standard vpns dont work, but you can just route through another persons ip, i recommend something like having them host a hamachi server then you join so your ip is routed through theirs, then all your traffic is disguised as their ip, this dosent work on servers that are already vpn based, because those servers you have to connect to their hamachi server usually and when you do that your routing direcly to their network to access the server, this usually gives away your real ip.
  4. xXOCsonicXx

    A Public Music Playlist

    https://cytu.be/r/Quality_Music_Only anyone can enter and its all synced to the server and has a chatbox for people to talk in