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  1. Nacho

    A Player Has Jointed the Struggle

    https://imgur.com/0tdvbM3 Hopefully this shows it^
  2. Hello everyone, My name is Verto, but I go by Nacho which was the last username I used before I took a hiatus from video games about 5 or 6 years ago. I found out about Team AVO through my friend who was an avid minecraft player and we watched all the vids when we were in late middle & early high school. A bit about me: I will be joining a doctorate program in chemistry next fall and have recently picked up video games and re-watching AVO's vids on YT out of nostalgia. I found out about the forums and thought it would be cool to join although I imagine a LOT has changed in 8 years. I tried to join the discord but I got a long loading screen. Also, won't let me upload a profile picture. I'll see if I can post a screenshot of the error I get. I look forward to meeting you all!