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  1. LaughOutLoudTheLXIX

    Minecraft anarchy

    It's a stupidly difficult game mode. I've played an anarchy server and tried to go away from spawn but ended up dying once I tried to make base 10 thousand blocks out and I just gave up. yes it's fun, but it's difficult to start out. After being able to find an untouched land of resources you're pretty much set in the game
  2. LaughOutLoudTheLXIX

    Alternative ways to grief servers

    Soo, I haven't played minecraft in a few years and I recently re installed it as soon as I got a much better computer. Aside from the cool ocean updates, a lot of loopholes have been fixed so hacking is no easy task. I decided to browse a couple of servers...hopped on vanilla and started deconstructing houses and stuff only to get banned...not really that vanilla... but then I found a server that a high school alumni who was admin on one server. Turns out that it is a FURRY SERVER! And yes it is as cringy as it sounds. There are custom paintings that says "Wombat woman is watching" with a picture of the cartoonized animal owner of server. I play casually on it and discover that there are a lot of plug ins that help you gain advantage in the game, such as lucky blocks you accumulate as you're mining and a super easy level up system where you gain XP for enchants...JUST BY WALKING, and other simple activities. The owner said that she coded all the plugins herself which is pretty cool. At the same time though, this allowed me to access higher level equipment easily, like an 'explosive pickaxe' which mines out a 3x3x3 per block hit. It's like a creative nuker but in survival game mode. This is a potentially devastating tool. As soon as I made a base as far away as possible to not be discovered, I found the best way to make walls for my base was pouring water over a lava fall from the top of the map. Quite massive. Anyways during the manufacturing of cobblestone from lava, other players were complaining of lag and an admin on there was just clueless and was entirely unaware of what I was doing. I realize that water on lava falls caused decent server lag. Multiply that by multiple lava falls and you have whats comparable to a smoke screen, as well as stupid amounts of cobblestone just being made. That got me thinking, griefing and other kinds of activity such as lava construction or redstone timers is just in game server stress testing
  3. LaughOutLoudTheLXIX

    Feeling welcome!

    So guys, I'm just an ordinary college student with a lot of free time in my hands, as well as a long time follower of the Team Avolition Grieftasia movement since its infancy. That in fact is what compelled me to acquire a copy of the game as at the time i had a cracked client of Minecraft. Anyways, not only that, but I play a lot of first person shooters, my first ever being Quake III arena. It ran on a literal potato, I'm talking DDR1 gen hardware, which was my first computer ever, and one of the games that i could actually be able to play. But yeah because of learning about how Minecraft can be exploited back in the day, it inspired my career track of software engineering. I like being able to look at how stuff works under the hood. It's often overlooked by normal people