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    Hack Client Source Code?

    As I started to learn I literally just opened a shell script and started reading, since its mostly written in what I would call "Obvious Language", it is somewhat easy to start to discern the function and meaning of a lot of the code. some things like flags, tags, and classes come with research when you hit something you don't understand. You can learn fairly quickly with trial by fire. It is important to remember we have to learn our own way. Otherwise we cannot learn to solve the problems that can appear in our own code that we either have to work around or code out of. Hints, information, links to practical tutorials, and practice code are important to someone learning without a computer science degree or an early start. Games don't come in Basic anymore, pass on what you know and share problems, even at the start. It helps. New <- Remember! We all started here! Novice Beginner <- Mentoring should become collaboration about here, Moderate <- Or here. 20 years-Lifetime Expert <- Few if any of us are here