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    ‘The MegaBoat’ Unlisted video

    Huh? What's the point in sharing the unlisted link if it's already uploaded on Bru's Reuploads then?
  2. sixfivejay

    How to join Discord

    I'm sure once Krysk sees this thread he will post an updated link to the discord in the replies. Until then you'll probably have to wait.
  3. sixfivejay

    Where are the new members coming from

    Not really sure. Unless they just are old fans, Otherwise that remains a question.
  4. sixfivejay

    Hello, I'm Rain.

    Hey. Welcome to the forums. Most people have joined the Discord server. Have fun.
  5. sixfivejay

    A Player Has Jointed the Struggle

    Welcome to the Forums. Hope you find a spot for yourself in this small community.
  6. sixfivejay

    Well, I'm here now.

    Welcome to the forums. Not many people post here anymore.
  7. sixfivejay

    Entrance: New Player Joins

    Welcome to the Forums.
  8. sixfivejay

    What do the bird does?

    Cool. Welcome to the forums.
  9. Alright. So I was watching one of aVo's newer videos, specifically one of the RUST Greifing episodes called Jerry and Mike. If you go to the timestamp 3:39 and 3:47 you can hear someone saying "You better run, run Dylan run." I'm pretty sure this wasn't actually a person in game using voice chat. Does anyone happen to know who that person is? I've heard the voice before in multiple aVo videos. Maybe it's obvious and I am just being clueless on the situation but I just thought I'd ask. If somebody can tell me I'd definitely appreciate it! Thanks in advanced. Here's a link to the video so you can access it easier.
  10. sixfivejay

    Who is the person speaking at 3:39 and 3:47?

    Alright. Thanks. Good to know.
  11. sixfivejay

    Alternative ways to grief servers

    Haha. That's really cool. It's sort of sad that Mojang fixed most of the loopholes like you said. There are still hacked clients out but it's nothing compared to the feeling of old Minecraft greifing. There are still a few servers up to grief if you actually play in the betas. There's currently a running project called something like the Nostalgic Project. It's a server in the betas that surprisingly works with it's own launcher. Although it has been hit already a few times last summer. Anyways interesting story again. I had a good time reading this.
  12. sixfivejay


    Welcome to the forums.
  13. sixfivejay

    Introduction (sixfivejay)

    Hey. I guess I can really start off this thread by saying my name is sixfivejay. I'm interested in many types of games (Specifically Survival Games) and am fairly young considering I'm just now entering High School. Well, that's all I really need to say but I just felt the need to post an introduction of myself since I have been here for a month or so now. Anyways I do hope to find a spot for myself in this small little community.
  14. sixfivejay

    Introduction (sixfivejay)

    Thanks. I will join.
  15. sixfivejay

    Deadmau5 Professional Griefers theories

    Sorry to interrupt but didn't storm bring DeadMau5 up in a video about this song you both are talking about? I forget which one. I will link it to this post if I can find it.
  16. sixfivejay

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but you are forced to give them back after you receive them. I wish I had better headphones.
  17. sixfivejay

    hEY guY! it a me! hulk smash noob! i smash! NOOB!

    Is this thread real?
  18. sixfivejay

    Sativa gives you the shits.

    You should seek for a doctor. That stuff is bad for your health.
  19. sixfivejay


    Recently a famous rapper known as 'XXXTENTACION' was shot dead outside of a motorcycle dealership by two alleged suspects. As far as I know only one of the suspects known as Dedrick Williams was arrested and charged for murder. What do you guys think about what happened?
  20. sixfivejay

    Hello World

    Honestly Fortnite is in the middle with me. The game has it's ups and downs just like every other game.
  21. Recently someone online told me to search this on google. "What is the meaning of life, everything, and itself?" When you search this it says the answer to the universe is.....forty two. Yes...FORTY TWO... EXPLAIN PLEASE...
  22. sixfivejay

    Corrupt A Wish

    Wish granted, but you can only travel halfway to your destination. I wish I had a better laptop.
  23. sixfivejay

    Anime Suggestions

    I may have actually seen that before. It was only about thirty seconds, looked OK but probably didn't even watch enough of it to form an actual valid opinion about it.
  24. sixfivejay

    Anime Suggestions

    Hi, I usually like to watch Anime in my free time, specifically a anime series called "Bleach". I have gotten pretty bored of it but can't seem to find any other anime series I like. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  25. sixfivejay

    Anime Suggestions

    Thanks, I'll make sure to check it out. :D