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  1. sixfivejay

    we still active on the forums or nah

    I still post and reply to threads sometimes. I visit from time to time. As Sirenfal said, most of the people are on Discord now.
  2. sixfivejay

    Movies that made you cry.

    God don't even get me started on Infinity War. It was a good movie but you know what happened, not trying to spoil it for anyone.
  3. sixfivejay

    Anybody here play on nerd.nu?

    Okay. Thanks for the Information. Now if you excuse me, I will be watching some old aVo videos (Doridian Episodes)
  4. sixfivejay

    Anybody here play on nerd.nu?

    Ah alright. I didn't think you did. Never saw a video on it or anything.
  5. sixfivejay

    Anybody here play on nerd.nu?

    Speaking of 2b2t, there was a recent reddit post on the aVo subreddit about whether or not aVo ever greifed or played on 2b2t. Can you confirm whether or not you guys griefed there? Thanks.
  6. sixfivejay


    Dare I say it puddle duck. I think we've found ourselves a troll.
  7. sixfivejay

    Noob over here

    No problem.
  8. sixfivejay

    JOKE MANIA!!!!!!

    Puddle my dear sir, you are a legend. Not all heroes wear capes.
  9. sixfivejay


    This is old news. You're just a little late bro.
  10. sixfivejay

    what nickelodeon series do you usually watch?

    I haven't watched Nickelodeon since a few years ago. Time flies I guess. YouTube is basically the TV of my house so yeah.
  11. sixfivejay

    Jellal's Introduction

    Greetings and welcome to the Forums. Join us on Discord.
  12. sixfivejay

    Noob over here

    Yeah, I still love going back to an old aVo playlist and rewatch some of their videos. Storm didn't use his Minecraft name for his channel name. If you go to the Team Avolition YouTube Channel and click on the channels tab you can see a person named Phil Johnson which is indeed Storm_Surge. He has some pretty funny videos on there, feel free to watch them! His forums account is in the releases category under the X-Ray Texture pack thread.
  13. sixfivejay

    Anybody here play on nerd.nu?

    I play on s.nerd.nu a lot. The people there are nice and aren't really that bad. I've already got myself a little base with a garden and whatnot. I haven't actually visited their creative server yet. Didn't really think anyone else played there that were from Avolition's Forums.
  14. sixfivejay

    Noob over here

    Welcome to the Forums. No, Storm didn't die. I think it was confirmed that the tweet was a troll. Storm just has a job and a real busy life now. Puddleduck is just trolling, you'll see a lot of that here.
  15. sixfivejay


    Doing alright. Really busy with life of course, but that basically goes for everyone. What about yourself?