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  1. Recently someone online told me to search this on google. "What is the meaning of life, everything, and itself?" When you search this it says the answer to the universe is.....forty two. Yes...FORTY TWO... EXPLAIN PLEASE...
  2. Corrupt A Wish

    Wish granted, but you can only travel halfway to your destination. I wish I had a better laptop.
  3. Anime Suggestions

    I may have actually seen that before. It was only about thirty seconds, looked OK but probably didn't even watch enough of it to form an actual valid opinion about it.
  4. Anime Suggestions

    Thanks, I'll make sure to check it out. :D
  5. Corrupt A Wish

    I wish I was rich.
  6. Anime Suggestions

    Oh, alright. I don’t really watch much, that’s why I was asking.
  7. Introduction

    Welcome to the Forums!
  8. Corrupt A Wish

    Wish granted, but your father will die in two days.
  9. Anime Suggestions

    Thanks, I’ll start watching that and see how I like it. P.S. Is it bad Bleach is the only Anime I’ve ever watched?
  10. Anime Suggestions

    Hi, I usually like to watch Anime in my free time, specifically a anime series called "Bleach". I have gotten pretty bored of it but can't seem to find any other anime series I like. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  11. Hello

    Favorite TV Show? Favorite Color?