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  1. iStxr

    Hey Guys Scarce Here

    I did mean capitalising every world but also why you Skipped every line. Why?
  2. iStxr

    What’s up Gamers

    You really should just create a pinned FAQ thread since you get asked so many questions. I think it would be way easier.
  3. iStxr

    Hey Guys Scarce Here

    Why do you type like this? I seen on other threads that you have replied in a similar fashion.
  4. iStxr

    looking for a griefing team

    Not exactly the place to ask for a griefing team. Most people here are quite bitter about these posts, and rightly so as the forum isn’t really associated with griefing all that much.
  5. iStxr

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but it has pineapples on it. I wish I was the greatest fps player ever.
  6. iStxr

    Corrupt A Wish

    Wish granted, but Alex Jones will constantly be cheating on you with a man. I wish I controlled the government.
  7. iStxr

    Corrupt A Wish

    Wish granted, but your partner/lover is faking it all. I wish I was the most intelligent man on Earth.
  8. iStxr

    Corrupt A Wish

    Wish granted, but you owe the bank all the money you have. I wish I knew how to play guitar.
  9. iStxr

    Anime Suggestions

    I agree with Sirenfal. Anime is nearly as bad as furries.
  10. iStxr

    Corrupt A Wish

    Post a wish in the comments below. Somebody else will then grant that wish but corrupt it and then post a wish under that. You can get as disturbing or dark as you want. Ex: Player 1: I wish that I had a car. Player 2: Wish granted, but the car has no battery. I wish that I had a dog. And the game continues. I will start: I wish that I had a father.
  11. iStxr


    I was stuck here long before I joined the forum.
  12. iStxr


    Hmm. I think it’s gotta be CSGO. Favorite TV Show is Gotham. Favorite color is black.
  13. iStxr


    My name is iStxr. That’s the username I use for most games and sites. Anyway, yeah. I used to watch Avo and I used to watch this forum when Avo was still doing stuff but never made an account. I hope I am accepted and am liked on this forum. Probably won’t post much, but I will be checking regularly. Feel free to ask anything in the comments!