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  1. mariojack


    Yeah it was just people saying they were avo, but everyone has stopped griefing years ago.
  2. mariojack

    Might as well say Hello

    My name is Jack, I use to have a forum account back when they made videos, but I can't remember what my username/email I would have used. I'm pretty sure I made this account 2 years ago after I realized the forums was still up but I couldn't get into my account. I've been watching their streams recently and checked on my forum account and might as well make an intro. My twitch username is mrjakkusama, the same on my nickname in the discord. Age: 21 Favorite Movie: Space Jam Favorite TV Show: Twin Peaks Pets: Yes one, a deer Location: An area with bad internet Interesting Fact: I use to clean up crime scenes
  3. mariojack


    I play Cricket and sometimes Rugby but that's about it