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  1. ecx

    Everyone post your github

    Oh, so it's like ss13 but powered by Oracle SQL, nice.
  2. ecx

    Discord Server.

    Damn, don't spill the beans man.
  3. ecx

    Reliant Torch Annihilator

    Right, this was before Reliant moved to module loading I believe.
  4. ecx


    another one by gary berndhart: https://www.destroyallsoftware.com/talks/wat
  5. ecx

    How to develop cheats for every PC game

    Okay, I think I misunderstood your argument. C# makes sense if you're writing something massive, like a complicated AI or bot (think WoW). You would write an underlying API to interface with the game (and setup hooks, call game funcs, etc) in C++ and call that from C#, I would NOT want to write a full AI in C++. As for simpler cheats, like in csgo or pubg, the actual cheat behavior is pretty limited, and most of the complexity lies in interfacing with the game. In that case, C++ is probably a better idea. So I think we don't disagree here.
  6. ecx

    How to develop cheats for every PC game

    Of course, I'm aware you can write the low-level "plumbing" code (hooks, etc.) in C++ and then call it from C#, thereby abstracting away the low-level stuff, this just seems clunky and annoying to me. It's not *hard* to write C/C++ by any means and the abstraction granted by using a high level language usually is not useful. One issue that comes to mind would be a cheat gui interface, which could be annoying to write in C++ as opposed to C#, but it really isn't that bad at all if you are disciplined about it. Edit: just read your most recent post. I already think inline asm is a huge code smell. Using pre-assembled bytes is much worse, in my opinion. Isn't the whole point of C# to have fast prototyping? Having to copypaste bytes from an assembler does not seem like fast prototyping to me. As for the 99/100 times argument: if you are doing anything interesting at all, C++ is usually just much easier to work with IMO, since the game you are targeting *typically* was written in C++ too, so the ABI's match up. This means you can just call functions after defining the prototype and assuming your compiler is up to play ball things will just werk (and assuming you understand calling conventions). This is not to say I do not prefer c# to C++ in general. I like C# a lot as a language, it's one of my top 5 by far. I just think that C# is not the right tool for this job.
  7. ecx

    How to develop cheats for every PC game

    C# doesn't have certain features, such as __declspec(native), __thiscall, pragma pack, or inline asm for instance. While you can generally avoid these in C/C++, they can come much in handy in certain spots. I have written code that is *definitely* not portable to C# because the hooking mechanism uses push/popad and push/popfd. Making game cheats in c# is a horrible idea, because you are interfacing with the game with little to no abstraction; C# just forces you to jump through another layer of hurdles to get your code working correctly.
  8. ecx

    Someone cure my boredness

  9. ecx

    How to develop cheats for every PC game

    Sure, maybe if you really like seeing [DllImport("kernel32.dll", CharSet = CharSet.Auto, SetLastError = true)] and Pinvoke everywhere in your code. better just to start in the language you're going to end up writing in anyways, C++. ever try writing an internal in c#? Lol. C# is more work than c/c++ for game cheats, unless you don't understand strcmp or malloc or pointers.
  10. I just throw the asterisk in there haphazardly, and my code is typically a 50/50 mix of the two styles; I don't really think much about this.
  11. Alternatively, hands-on experience is an excellent teacher too.
  12. ecx

    How to develop cheats for every PC game

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUeifQK7ukM Lol Why C#?
  13. ecx

    How to get started making clients

    Help I try to run it but it errors? terrible tutorial I prefer NetBeans :^)
  14. ecx

    Help I fell for the c++ meme

    It patches some of the bad syntax Java has (e.g. operator overloads) but it doesn't address the underlying issues like type erasure. That's why I don't think it solves the problem. Lua: Okay but there's no builtin bitwise operators. Gross. Python: Right, like anyone's ever written an industrial realtime graphics application in that. Good for basically everything else though.