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  1. Dabato

    Still active?

    the way you type hurts me emotionally
  2. Dabato


    bro mans quaking in his boots
  3. Dabato

    Anime Suggestions

    darling in the franxx is okay atm. also watch my hero academia, it's really popular, but well deserved. idk that much else, i don't watch it that much, but it's dumb to say an entire genre of tv is trash.
  4. Dabato

    Programming Help

    Programming is easy, it's problem solving that is hard. I always stand by this. Just learn python, which is the unarguably GREATEST programming language of all time, and this is coming from someone who writes everything in C/C++. But just look up python tutorials, it is super easy to learn. Also use python 3 because python 2 is outdated.
  5. Dabato

    What time do you go to bed?

    I don't drink any coffee or anything like that. I don't do drugs or drink. I'm not on medication, I just have a high energy personality.
  6. Dabato


    I mean of course you are boring, YoU'rE aProGrAmMeR. What kind of a faggot becomes a programmer? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  7. Dabato

    What time do you go to bed?

    I usually go to sleep around 2-3 AM. I get up every day at 5:30 AM so I have time before the day starts to do stuff. I really dislike sleep and avoid it as much as possible, but I think because my sleep schedule is consistent it is actually quite a healthy way to sleep, because my body will adapt to it soon enough.
  8. Dabato


    how did u type that if you are dead?!!!??!?!? LIAR plz ban valve.
  9. Dabato

    Everyone post your github

    Ah, I do it for a gmod server, but they constantly tell me off because I never actually finish any projects I start.
  10. Dabato

    Everyone post your github

    Shit you do darkrp stuff too?
  11. Dabato


    The language is called English for a reason ∴ the British way is correct. oh my god i am retarded i forgot it was 2018 i thought this was posted like 3 days ago.
  12. Dabato

    Everyone post your github

    I'll start https://github.com/dabatoiscool
  13. Dabato

    spacing, which do you prefer of these two?

    I would actually rather contract syphilis than use number 1. God i hate lua I mean what?
  14. Dabato

    How to develop cheats for every PC game

    Are you insinuating that I copied that tutorial? And I wrote the code on 2 hours of sleep, I cannot be bothered to write c++. C# is much easier at the start, because you don't have to deal with memory leaks, and getting the processID and the handle. I will probally write a c++ tutorial later. But if you are insinuating that I copied it, basic C# code that literally uses two functions is going to look simular. I have never actually seen that tutorial in my life.