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    Terrible Music Videos

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    Terrible Music Videos

    I'm sorry.
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    Malga here.

    suh dude
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    Malga here.

    Howdy I'm Malga, I'm apart of the 'Lurking since 1989' (2013) meme. Anyway I'm pretty laid back, I drink a lot of tea, I enjoy video games and watching sports. I avidly go on 4chan or twitch in my free time or whatever else tickles my fancy. I've always enjoyed the Smash community although i suck at the game and barely ever play it but someday I hope to indulge myself in it once more. I'm a very visual person and have a hard time understanding things explained to me without an example which I've been trying to work on but I'm not sure where to start with that. Finally, I love debate or debating as I love sharing my points of view on certain things or just the feeling of proving people wrong about something in general. Nevertheless, I hope to make my presence know around here and meet some thick juicy people to talk to. Toodles.
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    Movies you thought were really cool

    Saving Private Ryan Arrival Jack Reacher Interstellar V for Vendetta Book of Eli Every Harry Potter movie there is Every Bourne movie