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  1. Azathoth

    How do you take your coffee/caffeine?

    No it's not, fake britain. I take mine low in quality, high in quantity. I get prepackaged iced shit at school because that way I don't have to talk to anyone.
  2. Azathoth

    Hey I'm 24 today

    turn 25 and drink
  3. Azathoth

    Zeekill is kill.

    >17 years old wot
  4. Azathoth

    What happened to Storm Surge?

    Raisin overdose?
  5. Azathoth

    Xfire Is Going Away

    Oh, it was giving me a "webpage not available" error whenever I clicked on it.
  6. Azathoth

    Xfire Is Going Away

    Here's their going away message: http://export.xfire.com/ I never used xfire, but it makes me happy that they're willing to let everyone download all of the memories people have made over the years. (You can do that through the link above)
  7. Azathoth

    (Almost) Four Year Retrospective

    No, you met my girlfriend's roommate. Same friend group though. College is pretty awesome. I have advice on the subject: 1. Take classes that aren't relevant to your major. If you're STEM, take writing classes, art classes, so on and so forth. If you're not a STEM major, take some CS classes because that way you have something that's extremely marketable. 2. Psychedelics are a must at some point in your career. Don't overdo it. Do your research and do it safely and you will have quite the experience. (Story relating to that, some people have already read it but eat my ass): 3. Join clubs that you like and stick with them. Go for leadership positions if you can for the ones you're really into. A good GPA and nothing else makes you pretty much useless once you graduate. 4. Study abroad. Just once, if you can. It's totally worth it.
  8. Azathoth

    My first tattoo and what it's about.

    Congrats on sort of conquering your fear, bruh. Although I do have to warn you that you are most definitely the whitest of white girls now.
  9. Azathoth

    (Almost) Four Year Retrospective

    No, that didn't really work out, because of personality differences and so on and so forth. This was a story I'm quite fond of, how I got with my "new" girlfriend, which I'll spoil for the sake of the topic.
  10. Azathoth

    (Almost) Four Year Retrospective

    I don't know if I ever asked you this, but are you bipolar? OT: A lot has changed in the last few years, I guess. I have friends in the real world, I have a girlfriend, I've gotten arrested, got a car, I've tripped balls in public a few times and made other poor life choices, I'm going to college and running a mildly popular club at school, and so on and so forth. Though mostly, I've learned a lot about myself as a person. I don't know a lot about the world, but I can safely affirm that one of the most important things I've learned is to never spite people. It's obvious, but there is a difference between knowing something and understanding it. It can be funny, sure, but it's practically the worst idea ever. Definitely ideal for maintaining a relationship, especially. Oh, and I'm not a weird gore obsessed fuckhead anymore. Now I'm just a regular weird fuckhead. Unrelated but mildly amusing, I got carded trying to buy a lighter despite being 20 years old. It was kind of sad, because this lady was 100% convinced I wasn't even 18. So, I still look a lot younger than I am. Glad to see nothing has changed too much. I don't know how to feel about the fact that I and the rest of mumble have been involved in nearly all of the drama mentioned in this thread.
  11. Azathoth

    What are you guys reading these days?

    Yo that shit was fly. I try to not get into certain book "funks" in only reading a certain genre, but everything always winds up fantasy or sci-fi or something. Recently read The Wasp Factory, which is weird as hell, starring a psychopathic teenager who tries to see the future with his homemade wasp factory. Fallen by Tim Lebbon was excellent, a fantasy book detailing the travels of two voyagers and their guards on a journey to dangerous lands for an even more dangerous reason. Oh, and The House on the Borderland. That shit was beautiful and strange as hell. I read a book called Zero, which is literally a biography of the number zero. If you have any interest in mathematical history, it's definitely worth looking at. I also finally got around to reading Fear and Loathing, which was all around weird. And The Martian, oh man The Martian. An astronaut is left stranded on Mars and has to survive until someone realizes he's still alive. An excellent book that goes deeper into the science of such things than other sci-fi books normally do. The protagonist is also pretty funny. I'm reading/working through a few programming books on artificial intelligence, assembly language programming, and game engine architecture. Dunno what I'm gonna read next, probably Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.
  12. Azathoth

    Define the internet

    This image.
  13. Azathoth

    Vinyl Player making clicking noise

    Did you mean to PM this to Strum?
  14. Azathoth

    Where Do You Go/Where are You Going to College

    I go to SUNY New Paltz, AKA the school with the most on-campus drug arrests in the nation. That's pretty much the most famous thing about this school, actually.