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  1. Welcome_to_our_forum

    Hello (Turtles Introduction)

    Well hello there. Welco- wait, I'll let my username do the talking.
  2. Welcome_to_our_forum

    What time do you go to bed?

    Way later than I should, also depends on how much exercise I've had.
  3. Welcome_to_our_forum


    Hi BadComoc, nice to meet you, you might not be interesting but don't worry, your beautiful personality will make up for it. <3
  4. Welcome_to_our_forum

    Relationship Advice.

    Ahh, I see, well, my advice would be to figure out first what your feeling, maybe she is in love with you, maybe shes not, maybe your in love with her, maybe your not, I don't know either of you so I'm trying my best to go with the information you've given. When you say "The single-life seems really awesome right now", what do you mean? You mean you want to be able to mix(hook up, date maybe?) with other girls? Do you want to have more freedom? If so then she might be suffocating you a little bit. I guess it's normal to feel this way sometimes, but just see how long this feeling continues for you, then make your decision. You seem like a very kind person EmptyNelson, when you said you were in Junior High I was really surprised, the way you present yourself on that post gives off the impression your maturity is well above your age group, which is good to see, lots of people the 16 - 17 year age seem very immature in my experience. My best advice would be to talk to say a mentor, chancellor, close friend, a family member, someone you know well enough that you can trust their advice, because on the internet we don't know you and we can only give advice based off what we read in the post, we only know the small little details, not the whole picture. It's also very good to see that your looking after yourself and thinking what will be best for you in the future. I really hope this helps Nelson, good luck!
  5. Welcome_to_our_forum


    LOL to the first comment below his tweet.
  6. Welcome_to_our_forum

    Decided to log back in after 5 years. Re-introduction

    Why do you love Australians? ? ?
  7. Welcome_to_our_forum

    Hello, I am new to these forums.

    Hi Murdoc.
  8. Welcome_to_our_forum

    Ask me anything about my service

    The only thing that comes to my mind is a world that looks like a bunch of nukes went off in it.
  9. Welcome_to_our_forum


    Oh that's fine, I hate kids on the internet who can't spell for shit too. Thank you thank you! I do(am) very good! Though my profile picture says otherwise! Oh well, hope my shitty personality makes up for my mistakes.
  10. Welcome_to_our_forum


    I just realised while typing this I think realise is mean't to have a 'z' instead of 's', but I don't really care and the title should probably have a capital. I just decided to make an account for the forums because the people on here seem cool to chat to, and I have been coming on here without an account on and off(I think that's what you guys call lurkers?), so yeah, hi and I look forward to chatting to all of you and hopefully being stuffed to check my grammar and sentences so I don't sound like an internet kiddie.