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  1. Pinkie-Pie

    Where are you now in relation to when you joined the forum

    Well I was already an adult with a job when I joined. I'm still an adult with a job. I briefly worked at a prison so thats pretty cool. Once you realize 'cringe' is a fictional concept made up by people who hate fun, a whole world of possibilities open up to you~ Before I was somewhat cringey and tried to sweep that under the rug, now I don't hide my uniqueness. No faking for real, faking has become a tool. In short I disregard cringe. I simply do.
  2. SoIcanseethislongbuttonatthebottomofmykeyboard.Whatdoesthisbuttondo?Itisbetweenthetwo'alt'keys.I'mscared,willitblowuptheworld?
  3. Pinkie-Pie

    The Uncreativity Thread

    I ended up changing my profile picture to be Pinkie Pie dressed like the character my old account was named after. All the old fags pretty much roll their eyes and go "Yep, that sounds like him."
  4. Pinkie-Pie

    The Uncreativity Thread

    The time I decided to troll an old regular forum of mine by posting in-character as Pinkie Pie for about 3 days.
  5. Pinkie-Pie

    Haven and Hearth 2

    Well some call it 'Hafen' In any case Haven and Hearth was overhauled a about a year ago and is now full 3D! So you can do fancey things like rotate the camera (ohhhh) If you played the old Haven and Hearth, now called 'Legacy HnH' then you'll pretty much know what you're doing here. If you haven't played Haven and Hearth, it is an open world, perma-death wilderness survival semi-sandbox mmo. I wasn't sure if I should post it in MMORPG's or sandbox. Its an MMO Survival. Essentially you craft, hunt, fish, and build up your homestead. There is some loose 'realism' involved so many things take time to do like drying an animal hide, tanning leather, waiting for something to cook/smelt ect but its a lot less grindy then it used to be. It can be a lot of fun and really rewarding but do bear in mind it IS perma-death and open world, always on pvp. There are a number of ways to protect yourself and your stuff, and generally its a lot less expensive and resource intensive to play peacefully- The skills to protect are a lot less expensive then the skills to raid, but ultimately you're never 100% safe and that's part of the fun. Give it a go if you enjoy games like Rust.
  6. Pinkie-Pie

    Favored Drunken Games

    I've made drinking games out of RNG before. Like 'Take a drink every time an ambusher spawns' that one got me dunk XD
  7. Pinkie-Pie

    Why, hello there.

    New friends means new fun. Something big is coming, I can feel it!
  8. Pinkie-Pie

    Howdy Partner.

    We can crack the safe! And yes I also should really figure out what everyone else plays so we can figure out what games have the biggest over laps.
  9. Pinkie-Pie


    This is complete madness. The man is if nothing else one of the most honest politicians we've ever seen. He's doing all the things he said he would do XD. I don't see how they could possibly not see they're the villains here. How can they not see how horrible they are? They have to! There is no way they could be so ignorant. I think this proves the whole tolerance and anti-bigotry BS is a facade. A guise so they can have a free pass to do what they want without backlash. Its pretty common to use self righteousness as a smokescreen to be a blatantly evil person.
  10. Pinkie-Pie


    Aaaaa Welcome welcome welcome, i fine welcome to you! Welcome welcome welcome say, How do you do!?
  11. Pinkie-Pie

    You Laugh, You Lose. Round V

    http://cdn.smosh.com/sites/default/files/bloguploads/celebrity-name-pun-clint-eastwood.jpg (I forgot I cant image yet)
  12. Pinkie-Pie

    An entertaining OldSchool Runescape'r

    Awe poor guy. Now kid, I know you're upset that someone else likes a different pretend property then you do, but when you grow up you'll see that it doesn't matter. ;)
  13. Waiting for the next big cake! Just like you!

  14. Pinkie-Pie

    January 23, Its National Pie day!

    A whole day to celebrate my family! Horay! Gifts to the left, please!
  15. Pinkie-Pie

    Oh my good golly GOSH!

    Yes! Lets spread our pony cheer all over the forum.