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  1. Ok, as the title suggests, this about how when your just going along your day on a server, and then an admin does something that completely ruins everything because, guess why, he's board, or just a total {insert swear here} so this post is based off something another forum member posted a while back but was archived, this is a sort of extension to that forum, what I would like you to do is reply by telling us something that happened to you, how an admin completely ruined everything, and report possible solutions to get revenge. Here's my story.... I had got a mod called the dalek mod, which had it's own official server, but thats not the point, on this server I desperately needed to acquire a sort of house/transport, but it cost 1000 credits (AKA: Dollars), which you could get by killing mobs, hostile and friendly, now since this was a popular server, that meant that lots of people would have already killed a bunch of mobs, making it hard to find them, luckily, I found a dungeon that had a zombie spawner, which I make into my own personal Credit farm. About Five days later (that's five days of bad internet, slow spawn rate, constant deaths, and limited time on the computer) I had finally reached a 1000, then as if on que, the admin showed up, broke the spawner, and took away all my credits before I could use them... He claimed using spawners was against the rules, but A. I can personally assure you it's not ANYWHERE on the rule signs, and B. even if I knew, I still worked hard to get those credits, and the whole time he was smug about it..... Well that about does it for me, like I said, if you had a similar problem, and might have a solution for revenge, pls pls pls, reply below, thank you for reading, keep in mind, your rage doesn't have to stay silent... bye :)