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  1. aspens

    packets and net.minecraft

    ok thanx
  2. aspens

    packets and net.minecraft

    hi i am a noob is it possible to modify the speed of your player entity using c03packetplayer or something i kind of know how to use packets i used them before to do critical hack and stuff but i dont know if it is possible to use them to modify your entities speed i know u can modify your entities speed like this Wrapper.mc.thePlayer.getEntityAttribute(SharedMonsterAttributes.movementSpeed).setBaseValue(1); /* default is 0.1 i think idk */ but i want to do it someway like this Wrapper.mc.thePlayer.sendQueue.addToSendQueue(new C03PacketPlayer.C04PacketPlayerPosition(Wrapper.mc.thePlayer.posX + 696969696696969696, Wrapper.mc.thePlayer.posY, Wrapper.mc.thePlayer.posZ, false)); but with making them go faster not teleporting them lol o m g i can use this code for vclip idk lool help me good nite
  3. I would say C or c# .. i started with flash AS2 and i regret it =(
  4. aspens

    Mods Bypassing AntiCheats

    be careful though because some anti cheats kick you for sending too many packets and that can get rough