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    Video games? I play whatever my shit pc can handle, CS:GO (which I am atrocious at), and some older games that I fool around in, Spore, Empire at War, and Fallout 3/ New vegas. I'll probably get a better PC at some point, just holding out too see how college is going to work out, (Don't know if I'm going to need a laptop for class or not.) Other than that I'm a cheap bastard and still play a bunch of Xbox 360 games: Red Dead Redemption, GTA 5, Fifa, Madden, Crysis 3, exc. I also have a wii with nothing but Gamecube games. Thats fun too.
  2. MityMuhammad


    Hey, I'm MityMuhammad, been around a long time just lazy and didn't decide too make an account. For whatever reason on the internet I'm just quiet and don't really comment on stuff, I don't know probably cause I don't feel like fighting with retards, but i digress. Probably wont see me post super often, but just figured I'd stop by and willingly tell you I'm basically stalking y'all.