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  1. Kite9867

    What do the bird does?

    Go lurk in our gay shitposting discord server instead. You'll find more action there.
  2. Kite9867


    I still play it but hate it still. Valve updates the game but it doesn't fix the shit that's broken on the game. There's still a bug on the game and it's been around for 2 years already.
  3. Kite9867

    Hello World

    All battleroyale games are shit. Especially Fortnite. Anyways hiya!
  4. Kite9867

    Introduction (sixfivejay)

    Welcome, you won't find much discussions here but you can join our discord where most of us are.
  5. Kite9867

    Corrupt A Wish

    You bastard...
  6. Kite9867

    Corrupt A Wish

    I wish for more shitpost.
  7. Kite9867

    Halo Online downfall

    Both are shit so I don't see the difference. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Kite9867

    Halo Online downfall

    It was a sad day for us all. Once again 343i fucked us in the ass. I doubt that 343i will help the Eldewrito team all that much. Big game developers nowadays don't care that much about their modding communities. I also doubt that there will be any other Halo game made by 343i or Microsoft published for PC. Twitch streamers have been temporarily suspended for streaming Halo Online on Twitch due to 343i DMCA them. Which really pissed me off. At this point I don't think there will be much hope for Eldewrito. It'll take a miracle for them to come back. But who knows, 343i might just help them. Hopefully...
  9. Kite9867


    Welcome to the forums. Now you're stuck here forever.
  10. Kite9867

    Discord Server.

    All the channels were made for shitpost. Men, get ready to spam the hell out of them.
  11. Kite9867

    Installation01 *A fan-made halo game*

    They won't. 343i won't be touching this game. Which is good because everything they touch turns into shit.
  12. There's this game called Installation01. It's a fan-made multiplayer halo game coming soon to windows, mac, and linux. It is still under development but it has made progress. The game is suppose to be like Halo 2 and Halo 3 mixed together. And seeing how some or at least most of us who are active here enjoy playing halo, I thought you guys might be interested. If you wanna learn more about this game you can visit their website. I can link it to you guys but due to forum rules I have to prevent myself from advertising. Should be easy to find though.
  13. Welcome! Here you can enjoy all the shit post you like!
  14. I really don't care about the elections anymore. Its all bullshit right now. Trump is just pulling shit out of his ass to win and as for Hillary, well I have nothing to say about her.
  15. Kite9867

    Saitocron here.

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy our shit posts!