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  1. GenericSkid

    Bill Nye the Science (((GOY)))

    If the show provided scientific evidence that would have been great. But as it stands the basis of gender being a spectrum was backed up with "Its just a fact". When I google search "gender specturm" I get two pages of unsourced material, most of which have aren't even focused on the scientific aspect of the existence of a gender spectrum. Page 1 Page 2 Running a google scholar search only shows one or two on-topic articles. The linked one seems the most relevant, but it's behind a pay-wall. All I'm asking for is a single reasearch paper with valid citations to credible sources. You say there's mountains of evidence but I'm not seeing it when I search for it. And when I say evidence I'm implying that the assertions put forward have been researched and verified. For example, a Laci-Green video won't suffice.
  2. GenericSkid

    Bill Nye the Science (((GOY)))

    Agreed. Agreed again. Its like how on youtube people still attack low-hanging fruit (or just old-ass videos) in "OMG SJW PWN'D" videos. I agree the reaction has been hilarious, but its not like it isn't totally unwarrented. This show is advertised as being a show discussing science and how it can be used to solve real world problems. Thats great and all until you get shit like "OH OH OH MUH SEX JUNK" blasted at you. There is a difference to being open to change from scientific evidence and following a social-justice doctrine like a sheep. Parts of this show are fine, but then some of it like episode nine tread this line if not step over it onto the soc-jus side. If you can explain to me how "OH OH OH MUH SEX JUNK" is truely the direction society needs to take in order to move forward in our understanding of the human body please do tell. It is a joke. The point of selecting this video was exemplifying how common it is to rail on white people even though most of the times its a massive staw man. Take a problem X for example, if you were to look at X problem, sometimes if its a problem relating to society and culture you get people placing the blame on white people. Problem X in this case would be the peddling of scam products in the medical field. It's primary cause and perpetuation is not just white people. While it's unrelated some problems that white people have been blamed for are: Being racist for doing their jobs (See: Police officers w/ #BlackLiveMatter reactionaries) Cultural appropriation (See: Literally any media; video games, movies, etc., everything is appropriated and people act like sharing culture is akin to curb-stomping a newborn) Being racist for not apologizing for the ownership of slaves of people upwards of 4 generations ago who have no blood relationship to them (And the focus on the history of the America slave trade despite countries in the middle east still trading black people like commodities) There are literally articles written about "Things white people ruined" This starts out as a jest at gay conversion therapy, which is all and well, but the presented solution to being a close-minded vanilla ice-cream (analgous to straight white male) is to succumb to peer pressure and take part in an orgy. Umm... wat. How is having an orgy supposed to solve anything? I get this is supposed to be silly but still. There is no real solution here, nor is there anything scientific going on. It's just goofy and doesn't get across any good points about sexuality.
  3. GenericSkid

    Bill Nye the Science (((GOY)))

    Yeah you are probably right, it's that thing that you gotta stab your dick for (See: Inserting needle into) to "toggle sperm production" (Which is how it was described when I read about it about a month ago)
  4. GenericSkid

    Bill Nye the Science (((GOY)))

    So has anyone seen the new Bill Nye Netflix series "Bill Nye Saves The World"? I used to like Bill but this show is just bad. Yes, there is some science in the show. Most of it is aimed at younger audiences (IE: Its just cringe worthy),but there is just this load of obvious pandering and agenda pushing that is impossible to ignore. Lets look at some of the episode's content. Episode 2: There's really only this one bit. White people are gullible and steal other's cultures. Episode 9: This episode is a gold-mine. Degenerate Ice-cream Who knows if my son is a boy? I don't know for sure. Toddlers can choose their gender with no outside pressure from society and it's totally normal Episode 13: Talks about male contraceptives, which admittedly are pretty cool, but not currently practical due to the risks of the current procedure. "Death to sperm" So what are your takes on this series? Edit: For episode 3 I was mistakenly talking about the injectable testosterone. The name "Degenerate ice-cream" is a joke. The point being that this video is portraying gay conversion therapy and the solution to being a "Close-minded straight guy" is to have an orgy with a diverse crowd of people.
  5. GenericSkid

    I threw was my pen

    I know dozens of 21 year olds who haven't held a job, not because they can't, but because they haven't felt the need to. If you're fine monetarily its not something high on the priority list, especially of the only nearby options are things like grocery bagging.
  6. GenericSkid

    Classic rock bands?

    Here's a list of of some of the bands I have in my classic rock playlist: Living Colour Rage Against the Machine Pearl Jam Alice in Chains Van Halen Scorpions AC/DC Depeche Mode ZZ Top The Police Ted Nugent Krokus Motley Crue Aerosmith The Outfield Boston Bruce Springsteen Steely Dan The Doobie Brothers The Who The Doors Pink Floyd Ram Jam Guns N Roses Mountain Warrant The Rolling Stones Bon Jovi Queen Blue Oyster Cult Fleetwood Mac Def Leppard Styx Foreigner Heart
  7. GenericSkid

    I am in School...

    Thats too obvious. Play this instead.
  8. GenericSkid

    I am in School...

    Say the 14 words.
  9. GenericSkid


    n o i t w o n t b l o w u p t h e w o r l d b u t y o u s h o u l d n t p r e s s i t t o o m u c h e i t h e r
  10. GenericSkid

    The Uncreativity Thread

    It's obviously notch.
  11. GenericSkid

    Explain a Film You Like Badly (Spoilers)

  12. GenericSkid

    Ghost In The Shell (2017)

    The original was better
  13. GenericSkid


    On the trans joke: It's a joke, it's a bad one, but it's what it was supposed to be. Sometimes when you just let things slip. As far as I've seen (And I've seen most of his livestreams) he doesn't usually go that far with trans jokes. As for BLM: They're nothing but a group of thugs like ANTIFA. You don't get equality by . Nor do you do it by . Nor do you get it by . Nor do you get it by . Calling them fat and lazy is tame.
  14. GenericSkid


    I disagree with what I colored red, but aside from that most of what you have said is true.